Got a phone call from WDW Customer Service today


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I like to leave feedback, so last week, I wrote a letter both praising and criticizing where I saw fit in regards to my most recent trip (first week of January). Many truly magical things happened on my vacation (I do not have rose-colored glasses on nor am I snorting pixie dust), and I rather enjoyed using the new MM+/FP+ system a lot. Well, they called me this morning to discuss what I had to say, and I was very pleased that they took the time to read my e-mail. Here's a bit of what I said in the letter, followed by the response of the woman on the phone today.

Me on FP+:
I cannot tell you how convenient it was to be able to reserve, change and edit our FP+ times to make it work better for our schedule.[..] I didn't realize how easy and convenient this new FP+ system would be. The flexibility to change our reservation times/attractions was great. The only thing that hindered our experience was that we only get three FP+ selections per day and we are locked into ONE park It almost isn't worth the price of a Park Hopper pass if you cannot use FP+ on some of the more popular attractions across multiple parks (the way you could with the "legacy" paper FastPass).
The lady on the phone told me first off, Epcot and DHS are tiered because they were running out of FP+s for Toy Story, RNRC, Test Track and Soarin'. Makes sense, but still a huge pain the you-know-what. But she assured me that they are still tweaking the whole thing and that there would be changes coming soon as it is further rolled out - possibly even multi-park FP+'ing!

Me on DHS Xmas lights:
I have heard a rumor that these lights may soon be retired - that would be a true shame for it was one of the highlights of my trip. If that back part of DHS is indeed slated for demolition, then perhaps the festival of lights could find another place to call home.
The lady told me they weren't disappearing. If anything, they may be relocated but they are far too popular to eliminate completely.

Me on the current rumors of MSEP leaving MK/no more night-time parade:
The Magic Kingdom without the Main Street Electric Parade (or indeed any electric parade) is unimaginable and not very magical! Given that SpectroMagic has been retired permanently, I think millions of Disney World fans would be greatly upset if the MK had no night-time electric parade anymore. I've heard that Festival of Fantasy can pull a double-duty as a day AND night-time parade (in the likely event that MSEP needs some sprucing up, as all things do from time-to-time) but to permanently eliminate the MSEP just to save a few dollars would be a HUGE mistake. Magic Kingdom needs a night-time parade, period!
The lady told me this was simply a rumor. She said there are no plans to cut the night-time parade any time soon, and she said that she would be seriously surprised if MK tried to go without a night-time electric parade over anything more than a few months to refurbish an already existing one (MSEP in this case).

Next I had a great story to tell:
There is a woman named Meghan who works at All-Star Music at the concierge desk. When my sister and I missed our Magical Express bus to go back to the airport, Meghan was the most helpful person in the world. Not only did she bend over backwards trying to get us another bus, but when that failed, she got us a complimentary Taxi to the airport - for just the two of us! I cannot tell you how great that was. This is the Disney difference. Even though it was definitely OUR fault for missing the bus, Meghan demonstrated that the Disney Magic extends beyond the four theme parks and into the hotel and transportation areas as well. Bravo to her and the whole staff at All-Star Music.

The woman on the phone assured me Meghan would get a copy of the letter and would get accolades from her superiors. I am glad!

I also said this about Jim, the Main Street pianist:
I want to say that Jim, the pianist on Main Street outside of Casey's, is quite possibly the coolest guy I've ever met. Every time I visit the Magic Kingdom, I make sure to stop by and request older tunes ranging from Scott Joplin to Stephen Foster - and he ALWAYS knows how to play whatever I request. This kind of talent is a hidden gem at Walt Disney World and I appreciate every bit of it. Seeing Jim play the piano has become a staple of a WDW visit for me so thank you for that and thanks to him.
She said Jim would be notified of my compliments as well and receive appropriate accolades.

Anyway, I have never received a phone call after sending a letter. Just wanted to share it with all of you, as it sort of made my day!


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It took about 4 weeks but I got a phone call in October about my letter that I wrote about our September trip. I keep meaning to call the fella back but with me working 11 hours a day and going back to school I just always seem to never have the time.

Glad to hear your story!


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I wrote a letter a long while back when I first heard that they might make us reserve ride times in the future...:eek: FP+......the lady assured me at that time that they had no plans to do so....o_O So now I don't necessarily believe everything they tell me on the phone. If the rumor is out there, it's probably going to happen.


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Great post!!!

But looking at some of the questions, do people really think Disney is going to get rid of the Christmas lights at DHS or a nighttime parade at MK?

Seriously? People are actually spreading such far fetched rumors and people actually believe that?

Jimmy Thick- Disney pwns again?
I recall reading on this site this past fall that the marketing teams were to be preparing plans for Christmas 2014 without Osborne lights. I'm sure that was tied to the plans to remove lots of the backlot for all the expansion plans. Even though we're now hearing those plans are on hold/dead, I don't think anyone circled back to say Osborne would remain. So, it's a legit question to ask.



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I'm confident that once they get MM+ standing on its own two feet, they'll start working on the rest of the features and making adjustments. I believe fully that, in the not too distant future, they will restructure the allocations and open up multi-park FP+ use. But to do so at this point in the game would over-tax their fragile infrastructure. Baby steps.


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That's awesome that you took the time to write the letter and I'm glad that someone took the time to address your concerns! I'm sure they're very aware of feedback around MM+ because they're spend so much money making it happen.


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They seem to be getting better at giving us feedback! But im sure the people who call you back probs dont really know what is going to happen in the future!


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I finally got our magic bands and next Sat. we have FP+ rides in HS in the morning and MK in the afternoon. What is the problem are ya'll having with switching parks and FP+?


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Are you trolling?

One individual cannot reserve FP+ in two different parks on the same day.

Guess what it allowed me to last weekend and now our morning ones at HS are gone. I thought it was strange at the time, but oh well. I still have them for Big Thunder, PotC, and HM in the afternoon.


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I don't put much weight into GR answers on non-sanctioned topics (anything not announced) - but thanks for taking the time to write to Disney to give them feedback on both ends of the spectrum.


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I have a question on the 3 fast pass selections. If you pick 3 for the morning at Magic Kingdom, use them all, and then head to Epcot at night you won't be able to get any more??


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I have a question on the 3 fast pass selections. If you pick 3 for the morning at Magic Kingdom, use them all, and then head to Epcot at night you won't be able to get any more??
Correct. With the FP+ you only get to reserve 3 rides at the same park per day.
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