Pre-Trip Going out in style with the Orlando Mouse: A BBFN SnT PTR


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Whelp, why not amiright? Here we are, 35ish, days away from the beginning of the end for us and the Orlando Mouse(at least for a few years). We’ve decided to let our APs run out in May and hit the Seas Mouse…hard. We’ve currently got a few DCLs planned for the next twelve months including a Surf n Turf in May. We decided last year after our two Orlando visits, and a trip to the OG in Cali, that the Orlando Mouse was just not doing what he could for all the Mouseketeers paying his rent. It was a tough, first world problem, decision for us as we have been every year for the last ten years and AP holders for at least the last five. In the end we will speak with our wallet and support what we’ve really been enjoying until Iger ruins that too. Ugh… ***, lets shake of this morose BS with a cute cat gif and move forward shall we?

Ahhhh, much better. So, some details.
Who: Well, us

And me:

When: Mother’s Day Week.
Where: We’re book ending this voyage with stays at the Villas at Grand Floridian and Bay lake Towers, hence the style.
What/Why: One final, kinda, hoorah with the Orlando Mouse with a DCL 4-nighter in between.

Plenty of details to follow including a WDWMagic meetup, poor grammar, and of course a beer exchange.


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What the hell does that title even say. Is it Bye Bye For Now?
Ha! I miss me some Zip and J. See below.
I’ll venture a guess and say Bye Bye for Now Surf n Turf PTR.
Heyoh! Give this gal a churro!
I'm in for the adventures.
Excellent! Enjoying your DL adventures. We're eyeing an October 2020 Vancouver repositioning cruise ending at DL for a few days. Can't wait to get back to DL.


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I'm in! Can't wait to hear all about it! Especially the cruise part!
Sweet! I'm looking forward to it too, My DW and DCL has turned me into a cruise junkie!
You always promise poor grammar but it seems to me you don’t always live up to it 😉😂
See below...
That’s because I make him fix the most terrible of errors. 😁
That's what wives are for! Lol

I always suspected as much 😉
You were wise to.

So some details.
Day 1 plan:
We will be driving down this go so vacation creep is always an option. Currently we plan to shoot down on Mother's Day morning and check into VGF for the night, precruise. We really lucked out with this booking as we decided to do this trip kinda late. I originally had another resort booked but kept checking until something monorail opened up. We currently have a day at MK planned with some FPs(SM, HM, PotC) scattered throughout the evening. We've got a late ADR at Citricos planned for this evening but I'm on the fence about it. The menu has changed a bit and I've probably seen more bathing suits worn in this "signature" restaurant than any other. MK currently closes at 9 on this night so it shouldn't be a terribly late night. We do have plans for a drink M&G with a fellow WDWMagic member at TotW lounge tonight, maybe we can catch the fireworks if we can get into the lounge at a decent time. This also has me thinking maybe we should ditch Citricos and shoot for The Wave. Ugh... Why cant Jiko be at every resort?


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We would love to meet up again. Hopefully on DCL or I'm seeing some mountain vacations that will include some Northern GA breweries in our future.

Ive already got three breweries in mind, ranked from awesome to awesomest! #bandparentbeerfest
We live in the North Georgia mountains, but don't drink at all. I would invite everyone over for some bbq, but the strongest drink at our house is Diet Mtn. Dew so I'm afraid you would be disappointed.
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