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Glidecam usage in the parks?


Original Poster
I have the Devin Graham Glidecam.

I won't be using it on any rides, just wanna walk around with it at times, maybe 5% of my time in the parks.
Maybe a little more at Epcot. I perhaps will take the top mic off.

Will the CM's allow me to bring it in? I see no rules in the FAQ against bringing it in, but just curious. I've seen couple of youtube videos with the glidecam HD-2000 in Epcot ( ).

My Camera to be used on glidecam is the a7sii (for video) and will be using the FE 16-35f4.
Then I'll have another a7ii(used another 5-10% of the time at the parks) on hand when pics need to be taken flipping between 16-35F4 and 55f18.

Of course this will only be for personal-use, I don't like my memories shakey.


It all depends how security view it. You might get resistance for it being selfie stick like, or professional grade.

Let us know how it goes, good luck!


Premium Member
You will likely want to be prepared for that rig to be classified as 'professional gear', especially if it's pretty much assembled. I've seen things like a DJI Osmo in the parks without any problem but that looks much more like a professional steadicam which could trigger the 'professional gear' provision.

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