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Galaxy's Edge Boarding Pass and Fast Passes


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Does having Fast Passes affect the ability to get a boarding pass time for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge? Can they overlap? Thanks!


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Boarding pass was only used on pending day for half the day. I doubt that it’ll be used again any time soon except maybe during the week of Christmas and New Years. There are no FPs for the rides in Galaxy’s Edge. Reservations for Savi’s and Oga’s allows you into the land an hour prior to your reservation.


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I assume you mean can you get a boarding time even if you have another FP (or ADR) booked at the time of the boarding time?

In which case the answer is Yes.

You’re given a 2 hour window to return, so unless you’d just checked in for HBD, you’ll have enough time to get there. Even HBD would be doable, I just wouldn’t want to be rushing a meal there.
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