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Future of Walt Disney World Waterparks?


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Disney's waterparks are more of an add-on attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort. They serve their purpose but aren't the main attractions like the four theme parks or Disney Springs is.

It's unlikely that Disney will make sizeable, notable investments in either park. However, they have been spending money in the parks lately on maintenance and did build a sizable family raft ride in Typhoon Lagoon.

I still can't believe that Typhoon Lagoon remains closed.

I think this is the key point, at least for someone like myself who generally fits in the 'extended stay once a year' category, they are nice added value but I'd still be coming if they weren't here. On the odd occasion I do a truncated trip, the water parks will always be the first thing to drop off my schedule.

I feel like they did such a complete job in building them from the off, for the very purpose that they wouldn't really need to touch them outside of general maintenance - an approach I think has been done with Volcano Bay in preparation for UOR becoming more of an extended stay location when Epic Universe opens.


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I was disappointed there wasn’t anything about the water parks on the Imagineering story documentary, its an area of design I’d like to hear more about.

Big Phil

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You weren't missing out. I went in August 2001, and it was... bleurgh.

I guess it would have been sort of run down by then. It closed just three months later. It looked unique. Well themed at least. If they could ever clean it up I'd go. But we've been talking about that for years, it won't happen.


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ive never been to volcano bay but it looks amazing in pics and vids. I fantasize about Knotts building a volcano bayish water park where theres is now. Just going all out and having the greatest waterpark on the west coast....thatd be awesome.


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I went to River Country many times growing up before Typhoon Lagoon opened. What is lost in much of this discussion is that it was a product of its time. We had a lot of great times there! Sure it was small compared to today’s water parks, but it was fun, and had a great theme of that of an old school swimming hole. It wasn’t heavily advertised and was pretty much an extension of the camp ground facilities. It’s size was really relative to how many people were usually there as it was not a head liner. It was a fun extra or in between park days attraction. I don’t think anyone planned a trip to Disney just to go to River Country by itself. It would still be a nice diversion today but nostalgia probably plays into some people’s memories of it including mine.

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach on the other hand were both built after more parks and resorts had been added. Greater capacity was needed. They were/are well themed and maintained. As others have stated they are not meant to be headliners but are there to give people other things to do (in other words stay longer on property). They are never meant to be the main draw just like the golf courses, tennis courts, miniature golf courses, etc are not either. They are just another option of things to enjoy inside the bubble and for that they do a great job. Hitting a theme park everyday of a trip can be exhausting. A lot of people need days in between and the water parks give them reason to extend their vacations further. Disney’s water parks provide this in Disney’s style, the properties are well themed where other outside water parks can look like erector sets. Disney maintains them just like their theme parks (although many gripe about how well this is done sometimes). I can’t really see them as falling behind as the places most people are comparing them to those parks are all they have to offer and are the main draw of that destination.


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i wish disney would build more putt putt golf. I like putt putt a lot. Give me a huge putt putt park with 4,5,6 etc themed courses. Or like imagine if they went all out with a star wars or indiana jones themed course ha


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i wish disney would build more putt putt golf. I like putt putt a lot. Give me a huge putt putt park with 4,5,6 etc themed courses. Or like imagine if they went all out with a star wars or indiana jones themed course ha
it would be nice if we got some Disney-level miniature golf for sure. Unfortunately the current efforts are pretty mundane.

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