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Future Disney Press Releases That Would Not Surprise You

Wendy Pleakley

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Add extra magic to your Disney theme park visits with additional time in the parks, before they open to the public:

Extra early magic hours: 8:00 am to 9:00 am.
Super extra early magic hours: 7:00 am to 8:00 am.
Ultra super extra early magic hours: 6:00 am to 7:00 am.

Wendy Pleakley

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Disney to expand MaxPass & Fastpass+ to retail, dining, and outdoor vending locations.

Skip the lines by booking a Fastpass to buy churros, popcorn, a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and more!

Just an additional $15 per day. Requires base MaxPass for purchase.

Includes unlimited photopass downloads, courtesy of cameras being added to all popcorn and pretzel carts.


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Walt Disney World Parks and Resort are please to announce DessertPass+, an exiting and tasty way to enjoy the parks! All our major rides will have their queues reconfigured for a new line in which guests can enjoy themed cupcakes, brownies, and other exquisite desserts and drinks, including adult drinks while in line. Price is $145/$112 per day. For an extra $20, this includes BreakFastPass+ from 9 - 10 AM.

Wendy Pleakley

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Coming soon to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom: Mickey's Festive St. Patrick's day Party!

On select nights in December through March, theme parks will close at 1:00 pm to day guests, and be available exclusively to party guests.


Green lights!
Green beer served at all pretzel stands.
To maintain a magical experience, attendance capped at 95% of normal levels.
Special meet & greets: Pluto wearing a green collar. Mickey wearing a green jacket or something. Peter Pan dressed in green especially for the holiday.
On party nights in December, also enjoy the festive green St. Patrick's day tree in town square, and enjoy the castle covered with a white beer foam overlay.

*please note that on Christmas party nights, the St. Patrick's Day party will end at 6:00.


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Disney California Adventure to debut a new Pier Carnival Game at Pixar Pier plus a new exciting Food and Drink location.

Opening soon, a new, exciting game will be featured at Disney California Adventure. In partnership with Cuties, the Official Citrus Fruit of the Disneyland® Resort, and to promote physical exercise, Stomp the Fruit will premiere. For $10, you will attempt to fill a large pitcher with tangerine juice by stomping on Cuties (a plastic, sealed, stomping plate will be above the fruit).

If you complete the challenge, you will win $5 off a freshly squeezed glass of citrus juice, available at our new meal stand featuring Cuties meals, starting at just $15 for an Almond Butter and Citrus Jam Sandwich (crustless), baby carrots, and a small juice drink.

Just another way to make your day more magically at the Disneyland Resort.

And coming soon, another new game, where you will sit on a bicycle to move a set of lights to the finish line, at the same time powering a grinding machine making fresh Almond Butter....


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run Disney to return to Anaheim with a new Daily run/walk event in association with Angel Stadium and ARTIC.

The city of Anaheim is happy to announce its newest partnership with The Walt Disney Company.

A new exciting road course down Katella Avenue with a checkpoint at the Disneyland Resort in the morning, and then the evening run/walk back to Angel Stadium.

For a low $30 per person entry fee, participants will get discounted parking at Angel Stadium, plus a special limited edition collector pin for completing the challenge.

The course is done it two parts. Using your Smartphone, after parking at Angel Stadium, and going the exciting Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, ARTIC, you log in to mark your start time. Then by walking, running, or even using the award winning Anaheim Regional Transit, ART shuttle ($6 daily fee extra), make your way to the Disneyland Resort. When you arrive, cross the special finish line set up in the center of the Esplanade (The Main Entry Plaza for public school students) Then enjoy your day at the magical Disneyland Resort, where your favorite movies come alive.

When you are ready to head home, start your smartphone at the start/finish line and head back to ARTIC. When you get there, head to the special set of self serve vending machines and scan your smartphone to get your special pin. These special pins are made out of 100% recycled plastic, from used gym shoes, and feature the beautiful ARTIC Building image.

So for those of use are get frustrated in finding parking at the Disneyland Resort, you can easily park, and then gain valuable Fitbit steps, and check out the lovely sights of scenic Anaheim. These include our award winning Breweries, Hooters Anaheim, and much more.

And as for a special challenge, you can compete with the times our great Cast Members set, as they are now parking at Angel Stadium, and have to run to the park to make it to their finish line before their scheduled start time.


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All good satire contains a lot of truth that gets embellished.

And yes, I feel for the CM's and have been discussing the parking problems for over a decade. It is lucky DCA 1.0 failed, because if it worked, , they were short even back them. Westcot had it pretty well worked out. (I met the son who did the Environmental Report for Westcot this week.


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By far the funniest thing I've read today! :hilarious: (And it's funny because it's so, so true...)

I used it because Disney Did change the name. It became the "Esplanade" when Pressler opened the DCA disaster in 2001. If I remember correctly, in 2003/2004 it got changed to the "Main Entry Plaza" on all Disney Maps and guides, and CM's were directed to use the term for a few years, then after DCA got some much needed love, they decided to bring back the Esplanade.

And guess why they changed it? Because most guests were clueless when CM's said to head to the Esplanade to buy tickets, or enter the parks....

So yes, it IS so, so true... ;)



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One of my most vivid Disneyland memories from my youth is parking at the Timon parking lot and riding the Lion King tram

PB Watermelon

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Disneyland Announces "Be Tinkerbell!"

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Disneyland Park will take guests to the skies in spectacular fashion this February with "Be Tinkerbell!", a one-of-a-kind experience combining fireworks, music, and magic! Each night, a guest chosen randomly will "become Tinkerbell", forced by baton into donning the famous pixie's dress and wings, then freighted to the top of the Matterhorn, where the lucky guest will be attached to a zip-line and sent hurtling across Fantasyland. Imagine the memories of your least-favorite mother-in-law squeezed into a Tinker Bell costume, connected to a cable, and then shoved into the open air, her screams of terror masked by the thundering fireworks erupting around her. Participation in the lottery for "Be Tinkerbell" is compulsory. Refusal to "Be Tinkerbell" will result in the guest also required to "Be Dumbo", where the lucky guest is strapped to a pole, lifted in the air, and then swung around in a circle for 90-seconds of Disney magic. All ages, genders and sizes are acceptable. Again, participation is compulsory. Annual Passholders will automatically receive 100 extra entries, per show, per day. If the Annual Passholder is not in attendance that day, Disney Security will track the lucky Passholder down at his or her residence or place of lucky magical business.

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One of my most vivid Disneyland memories from my youth is parking at the Timon parking lot and riding the Lion King tram
One of my most vivid Disneyland memories from my youth is parking at the Timon parking lot and riding the Lion King tram
I have a lot of Parking Lot Memories, but since I was born in 1960, it was the Original Lots.

Back them, trams did not have designated stops, nor many safety procedures, and of course, no ADA trams. (The parking lot did offer Handicapped Parking very near the Turnstiles. (about where the DCA turnstiles are now today. Just had to ask when you paid, and a colored piece of Paper was placed under the windshield wiper to let the Parking CM's know where to send you. VIP's also got a similar perk.

Anyways, they parked one row at a time, and the tram waited at the end of the row. So you could walk yourself, or get on the tram. More than once people would run to the tram while it was in motion, it would stop if there was room. People also tried to disembark while the tram was in motion.

Fun memories, and as a kid, I might have known some very close friends of mine that did stupid things while visiting. But I did learn how e-stops sensors worked, how the security camera's work, and how nice the security CM's were.....


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I remembered walking to the parking lot and your car was quite easy and convenient. Waiting for the tram isn’t so long and suffering. If you forget something, run back and get it. Not so much today.
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