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Funny looks when taking pictures?


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Do you get funny looks when you are taking so many pictures and carry lots of gear with you to shoot at Disney?

I know I probably get a few crazy looks but it doesn't matter to me. When I can get results like this they can look at me all they want!


I know many of my shots do not even compare to others that post around here but I really like most of the results I get. It doesnt bother me carrying around a backpack and camera with battery grip and tripod. I love it!

This shot is a composite of about 3 shots taken back in Sept and just now getting to work with the shots from this night. Makes me want to book another trip right now!


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All the time! Laying on the ground, leaning over a fence, getting way too close to something, etc. all usually get me some pretty funny looks. Occasionally I even have people come up and ask me what I'm doing, usually when I'm taking a long exposure at night and they walk right up in front of the camera! And then there are the people who think you're PhotoPass...

Allen C

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Actually, ever since I started carrying a DSLR and other stuff to the parks I've had more and more people handing me their cameras asking me to take their pictures. I'm only too happy to oblige. I've also been mistaken more and more for a Photopass photographer whenever I have my tripod out.


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Someone should have warned me that carrying a tripod makes people talk to you about photography and think you're Photopass. The first time someone tried to give me their Photopass card and their kid was standing in front of me already posed and smiling, I wasn't prepared to respond. :)

Mr Bill

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I've only been mistaken for Photopass once and I've probably gotten a few funny looks that I haven't bothered to notice. My biggest pet peeve is when I'm shooting a long-exposure at night and someone walks into the shot, notices what they've done and stops. If they had kept on walking they'd probably be ghosted out to the point where the final image would look perfectly fine. But since they stopped...

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