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Frontier airlines and Discount Den?


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Has anyone purchased Discount Den with Frontier airlines? I am wondering if this is worth the price. I have 4 adults and 4 children flying in April. I know it is only good for 6 travelers. If I purchase discount den today does it apply today? Thank you for looking!


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I've been a DD member for 4 years. Frontier doesn't have the most comfortable seating, but they do have one of the newest fleets of jets in the world. Only problem I have is when I accumulate enough miles for free travel, I can't gift that to anyone. I have to use the miles myself, but it still saves money. When we travel, from PA to FL it's usually 5 of us.
They also sponsor double mile events a few times a year which is sweet. We usually fly out of Philly into Orlando or Jacksonville.

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