Friendly park bag/what you take into the parks thread

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This thread is not to debate the rights and wrongs of park bags or items you take into the parks but rather just to see what works well for different people.

So feel free to share what works for you in this safe thread.
What bag do you bring if any?
What do you bring into the parks if anything?


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When I take a bag, it’s a small crossbody from Vera Bradley, the small “mailbag” one I believe.

I pack phone, chapstick, mini first aid kit, hydro flask, snack size bag of almonds, my ID and one CC.

Some nights I just bring a Mouse crossbody that night enough for a cell phone and ID.
I bring a backpack that has several compartments. One is designed to hold cold packs so I use that for cold snacks and drinks. I bring chapstick, first aid supplies, ziplock bags, instant cold packs, towels, extra socks, jackets (even on hot days), umbrella, sunglasses, small notebook and pen, self-soothing items (for sensory processing issues), quarters for the pressed penny machines, and money.


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Since my kids got old enough that I haven't needed to bring things like spare underwear for a potty-training child or autograph books, I've usually used a very small crossbody purse (just a couple of inches bigger than my phone) with tons of pockets.

It holds:
- my phone, with a ziploc bag if I'll be going on any water rides
- sunglasses
- a couple of credit/insurance cards, and if needed for tips, cash
- a couple of Band-Aids and Tylenol capsules
- a 3x5 card with touring plans
- if the weather demands, a disposable rain poncho or a tube of sunblock

(We don't bring water bottles -- we just get iced water from CS when we're thirsty -- and if we think we'll need a sweatshirt later, we wear it tied around our waist). A crossbody bag is effortless and you never have to remove it-- not to eat, not to use the restroom, and not on any attractions, since it can be shifted and tucked out of the way of any restraint system. It's perfect for those who, like me, might otherwise set down and forget their bag on occasion.

For our upcoming trip, I'll be trying a couple of new things: (1) bagless, at least at HS, with my phone in a cargo short zipper pocket; and (2) using a Dickies waist pack, now that I'm in my 40s and not trying to win any fashion competitions. The one downside of a crossbody is that if you are ample-chested, the crossbody strap tends to thread its way between your [*I keep getting censored when I use the correct word -- so shall we say, bazooms?] and press your shirt between them as if to shout to the world, "check these babies OUT!!" A waist pack has all the same benefits as as a crossbody, without that particular drawback.
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Before baby, I could have gone bagless but I didn’t want to bother my husband every time I wanted the camera or hand sanitizer. But I brought the smallest Mickey backpack with those things and maybe sometimes my phone. The bag check person even said once, “There’s nothing in here.”

I won’t list all the things we bring with a baby now, but I actually don’t think we overdo it. Smart? Or maybe we just live life on the edge. We literally just use an old college backpack. No fancy vacation diaper bag for us.


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I'm solo, no kids and I'm embracing the return of the ***** pack :

- iPhone 8 Plus
- Reusable straw
- Reusable bamboo cutlery (if I'm going to a food festival)
- Small wallet with ID, AP card, and two cards
- Lip balm
- Charging battery
- Mini sunscreen

For rainy days, I'll bring a small backpack with a lightweight rain jacket and an extra pair of socks


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I like a backpack. It's more room than I need, but crossbodies and regular purses tend to hurt my neck/shoulders after awhile. I don't have that issue with a backpack. As for what I put in it: sunscreen, my wallet, my phone, sunglasses, and souvenirs I buy. I also may bring a change of clothes if I think I'll be getting on a water ride.


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I have a clear neck pouch/lanyard that I put my phone, a little cash, credit card, and ID in (I've never had to go through bag check with that -- they just wave me over to the "no bags" line). I put lip gloss, a few band-aids, and a few tissues in my pocket. If we're going on a water ride that day (Splash or KRR) I'll also put a plastic shopping bag or small trash bag in my pocket so I can sit on that instead of on a wet seat. And for Kali I also take a disposable rain poncho (carry it in my pocket) and use the shopping/trash bag to cover my shoes so they don't get soaked. I take a carabiner clip travel bottle of sunscreen that I attach to a belt loop. I also sometimes throw a lipstick style portable phone charger and cord in my pocket. If we need anything else at the parks we just buy it.

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If it was just me, I wouldn’t bring a bag.
But my wife likes to over-plan/pack.
She brings a medium size backpack with:
First aid kit
Water bottle
Dollar store umbrellas(way better than ponchos)


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The smallest cross-body bag that will hold the necessary items:
-disposable rain ponchos
-small umbrella (for when it is more convenient than ponchos)
-emergency meds...decongestant/painkiller/acid/stomach
-16oz cup koozies...I use java sock, but there are others
-cooling towel
-cell phone battery pack and cord
-small snack bags if the kids are with me
-disposable lens wipes
-lightweight hat or visor
-cash/CC in case the magic band charging fails
-extra magic band in case it falls off somewhere

All of these are situation dependent...I would ditch the rain gear if there was 0% chance of rain, but I have found that carrying a small bag of stuff you may need is much better than needing something and not having it.


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I use this one:

-Both ponchos
- Mini outdoor blanket for when we want to rest outside the beaten path
- Sun-glass cases
- Sunscreen
- Spare contacts
- Water bottles
- Metal Straws
- Tissues
- Hand Sanitizer

But if i'm hitting the park for half days. I do it the @21stamps approved way and wear my stylish cargo shorts and that's more than enough storage for cases, spare contacts and hand sanitizer.


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Backpack or small cross body bag. Kipling has indestructible handbags which I buy specifically for amusement parks.

Within the bags-
Hand Sanitizer
Protein Bars
Water Bottles
Fuel Rod
Ponchos- weather dependent


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I wear a small crossbody with my epi-pen, wallet, hat, clip-on shades, tissues, lip balm, and a few other things. We also take a drawstring backpack with snacks, battery backup, small water bottle, ponchos, light jackets, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. The items vary a bit with the seasons. DH usually carries the backpack, so I'm only wearing the crossbody. Works out well.
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