FP+ reservations in light being able to book additional FP+'s


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Looking for opinions for timing of FP+ reservations. When MM+ first rolled out, our strategy was to make early afternoon FP+ reservations and just go stand-by during the morning. This tended to maximize the amount of benefit the FP+ provided in terms of avoiding long lines.

In light of the ability to now get more FP+'s at kiosks, how does that affect the way you use FP+ reservations? Booking afternoon FP+'s seems like it's going to now lock you out of getting FP+ for any attractions earlier in the day (when presumably, you could have just booked them). My fear would be that by the time you are eligible for additional FP+'s, they're already consumed (I'm not going to be upset about not getting a Soarin FP+ if I wait till 7pm, I sorta expect that).

Have attractions generally been booked out quite early? How are you thinking about timing your advanced reservations vs just going stand-by or using the additional FP+'s?


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My thinking is that for a 'rope drop' person, the best plan is to enter and hit a headliner without a FP. Then use your three FPs. Pulling them forward as possible as you use them. When the three are gone, play additional FP+ bingo. First concentrating on premium rides if they have early FP+ availability and then non-headliners that have FP+ available for 'right now'.

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