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Forum Game: Count to a Thousand


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The highest number ever counted to is 1,000,000. I was wondering if we could break that record, or if not, at least see how far we go.

The rules: every post count by one. See how high we can get. You have to wait until someone else posts to post again (no double posting) *unless 24 hours have passed*. Everyone is welcome to play!

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D Hulk

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On the twelfth day of Disney, my true love sent to me
Twelve road-rage strollers
Eleven lost foreigners
Ten cast members a-escaping
Nine characters a-photos
Eight fastpasses a-handed
Seven animatronics a-dancing
Six rides a-shutdown
Five golden Mickeys
Four hungry pigeons
Three angry Karens
Two IP placements, and
A broken yeti in an expedition
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