Fort Wilderness Facilities

Mad Stitch

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I just purchased my first RV and I’m wondering should I decide to tow it all the way down to WDW, what are the public facilities like at Fort Wilderness? Are the shower buildings gross or does Disney keep theirs more cleanly than your typical camp ground?


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You will find that the comfort stations at FWC are very nice and clean. They have excellent water pressure too. We have done numerous trip to WDW before going with our RV and now that we have stayed at FWC we don't want to stay at any other resort! Each comfort station also has a bank of washers & dryers that are $2.00 per load, if my memory serves me correctly, and seem to work very well.
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Master Yoda

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While I have only been to a handful of campgrounds and RV parks, FW is one of the best maintained campgrounds that I have ever seen.
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