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Fort Wilderness and bicycles


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Afternoon, thinking about taking our bicycles to FW next trip to get around the grounds. The cost for the cart just seems unnecessary/prohibitive since we'd only be using it a couple times a day.

1) are there bicycle racks around to lock bikes up?
2) any experience taking your bikes to the World?



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Yes there at bike racks at all the destinations. At the campsite if we left them we would chain them to the picnic table. (Not that we had any trouble it was just a precaution.) We don’t like the cost of a golf cart either nor do we find it easy to use.But the bikes were a ton of fun.
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We also locked our bikes at the racks and picnic tables at the site. Not sure if it was needed but I felt better knowing it was going to be there when we returned. Riding at night on the way back from the MK was nice and we normally hit the tent for a drink and then headed to the pool.


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Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (circa mid-80's). . .

. . .we took our own bikes. We've also rented them from the bike barn. Note that this was always in addition to the golf cart, not instead of. Riding around FW is cool, but hot. As the primary mode of transport, what should be considered is that fact that it is often a LONG way from point a to point b. Anywhere in the 1500's on up and the trip to the Settlement TP/marina is quite the journey. I wouldn't want to have to do that before and after walking around the MK all day.


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We have taken our own bikes multiple times and really enjoy riding around all the loops. I ride a recumbent and one morning while just riding through the loops we met someone else with the same type recumbent and we struck up a conversation. Never would have met them if we had not been out enjoying the ride.


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We also take the bikes with us when we stay at SSR and ride all around there, over to the treehouses and along the canal to OKW. Good riding.



We are just back from a weekend at the Fort and we took our bikes. It was much quicker than the buses. My only complaint is that the paths are not well lit and are very curvy in areas.

Diesel Dan

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We have stayed at FW 12+ times over the past 25 years including this past February. We always take our bikes, great riding. Fun to ride around the Loops and out to wilderness Lodge. We bring lights even though you barely need them lots of lighting. Plenty of racks near the Trading Posts, Pools, Beach Area, Pioneer Hall & the Outpost where you catch the buses to the parks & beyond. We never lock them in our site or anywhere else and have never had a problem.


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Also note that if the trail between Fort Wilderness and the Wilderness Lodge ever re-opens, this is a nice little excursion. I've rented a bike at the Wilderness Lodge, took the path and rode around Fort Wilderness. Brought back plenty of memories, since the cabins at Fort Wilderness were where my family usually stayed when we were kids, once we outgrew the Contemporary.


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Lots of places and areas to use bikes for exercise, sightseeing and get around transportation.
One warning I would give. I see someone has already commented on not locking their bikes. They have been lucky. There have been a lot of posts on other forums where bikes have been stolen from the trading post and marina area. Cables have been cut in some cases. I don't know now if someone was apprehended, the thefts have stopped, or it still happens. I would never leave your bike unattended and not locked. Simple insurance to help keep your trip from being ruined.

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