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Food Courts


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I usually stay at POP and I know they have a food court. Are the food courts found only at the value resorts? I'm going to have a free day this trip and would like to visit the Animal Kingdom resort. I'd like to try one of the restaurants there if I can get a reservation.


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Animal Kingdom Lodge has The Mara, which is a counter-service restaurant but nowhere near the size of Pop Century.


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I like the food court at AKL.
If you want to go to one of the restaurant but can’t get a reservation I would try walking up and seeing if you can get a table.


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All resorts have some sort of CS location. As the cost of the resort goes up, the food selection usually goes down. The values have a large food court, several "windows" each usually offering a different style of food. The moderates have similar, but not quite as large. The deluxes usually have a single "window" with 6-10 entree choices covering all styles.

AKL has the Mara, which has a good selection of food. Keep in mind that both Boma and Jiko are closed for lunch, so if you are looking for lunch you would need to head to Kidani for Sanaa if you wanted TS, or you could do the Mara for CS at Jambo.
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