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Trip Report Food and Wine Coast to Coast: Part 1

Hello WDWmagic friends and welcome to another TR. For those who are new or those who need a refresher I am Erica and I am known for love of Disney trips, travel mishaps and obsession with cheese fries.
My last trip to WDW was in May 2019 and of course I have been plotting how and when to get back obsessively since then. Our next WDW trip will be in September 2020 for a very special birthday and include more extended family. The trip has been in the works for a long time coming but I felt like a year and a half between trips was such a long time to be away from my happy place.
I attempted to plan a quick Fall trip for myself and the kids with my sister but the dates would have worked out to one day in Orlando flying in and out on either end. I was super bummed that it didn’t work out.
In November, R took a long trip to California to visit his dad and participate in a video game convention (people think Disney is a weird hobby?). I wished at the time that myself and the kids could join him but I had too much going on with work.
A few weeks later, I started looking at prices for WDW and Disneyland for winter. We decided on Disneyland so that we could combine a visit with R’s dad..and really so I can do this again:

Our dates worked out to line up with California Adventure Food and Wine Festival, and with our September trip already booked, we will be hitting Food and Wine on both coasts this year.
It has been over 2 years since we last visited Disneyland but here we are on our last trip there:

I have everything for September planned out over multiple spreadsheets but this trip we have zero concrete plans other than a hotel room and rental car booked and we are leaving TODAY! I am so excited to see what this trip brings and crossing my fingers we get to join the resistance. I will attempt to go semi-live for this TR as my kids still need plenty of downtime in the room and I can’t sit still for a second on Disney Trips.


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Day 2 Part 2:
This TR went from semi-live to full on post TR because we are back at home. I got behind toward the end of our trip as we got really busy.
Now back to day 2, I will spare you the blurry Tiki room birds but these guys were cute

At this point I knew R and the kids needed a break. R had slept really poorly for some reason the previous night. We wanted to get some lunch before naptime bur weren’t sure if we wanted to stay in the park or leave for lunch. We walked towards the exit and passed Jolly Holiday. Everyone agreed that the menu looked worth a try and I was excited to get my hands on another Mickey Macaron.

I had the island pork toasted sandwich which had ham, pulled pork and a pineapple chutney I believe. It was really good. All the other adults had the roast beef and blue cheese. It came on a baguette whichR said was a little hard to eat but otherwise it was a good sandwich. The kids split a kids turkey sandwich and ate it up quickly with a promise I would share some of the Mickey Macaron.
I knew I would be sharing so I had to get two of these babies.

These did not disappoint in the least. If you have an extra sweet-sweet tooth then these are for you. The macarons are filled with a jelly filling, a cream filling and raspberries. My oven is 25+ years old and not well maintained but when I get a replacement I want to try to learn how to replicate these at home so I don’t have to wait years in between having them.
D and W had already checked out their hotel but were happy to hang in the parks until we were finished with our nap. They needed to leave by 6:30 so we decided to try and be back to meet for a Soarin fastpass at California Adventure for 4:00.
By the time we walked back to the hotel and got the kids down for a nap it was already looking like R was going to need a longer rest than just the hour we had left. I told him to just stay back while I took the kids and he decided he would meet us around the time D and W needed to leave which gave him a lot better chance of being well rested.
I laid down and thought of taking a short nap, but updated my TR here instead. I got myself washed up and then had to wake the kids up which pains me.
We were right in time for our Soarin fastpass. They have the California version for Food and Wine so that was really cool. We broke a major height barrier with both kids for this trip so again, it was their first time.

D telling Z about all of the places in the pre-show.

O decided she would ride with W.
Everyone loved it and the kids asked if we could ride again. We had other plans but I told them we could try to squeeze in another ride before the end of the trip.
I had made a FP for Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout (formerly tower of terror) thinking R would like to try it. But with him sleeping it was up to D to take O on the ride. She liked Tower of Terror at WDW and wanted to try this one out. While they rode we did some shopping and got ourselves a snack

We ended up with double popcorn after a mistake by the flustered girl working the cart. Z made quick work of the extra.
When O and D returned from their journey we had them meet us at the entrance to the Monster’s Inc ride where we used another FP.

O modeling in line to show off the goodies available in the monster’s break room. It was a cute little ride and Z really seemed to enjoy it. All parties involved liked this Yeti much better than the Matterhorn one.


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Day 2 Part 3:
I forgot to mention in the previous post but our boarding group had been called while we were napping. I sent our passes to D and W to attempt to use but when they got in line the ride went down.
Back to the evening we decided to head over to cars land to close out our time with D and W. We stopped along the way to meet some friends.

Goofy was in a little kitchen that was set up as part of food and wine.
We were getting our $ worth out of photo pass this day so we went to meet a famous car next.

Then it was time to ride some rides. We had a FP for Radiator Springs Racers for 6:30 and it was a little after five so we found some other things to do.

First up was Mater’s junkyard jamboree. I forgot how much this thing whips you around and squished O on the first spin by accident. We followed up meeting another famous vehicle.

Next up was Luigi’s Rollickin Roadsters which was a little more tame.

R arrived in the park while we were twirling with Luigi and afterwards it was just about time for D and W to head out. We decided to get a group photo before they had to go.


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Day 2 Part 4
Warning: lack of photos ahead. My phone was low on battery and I was charging it during this part of the day and took zero decent pictures.
I have been dragging my feet on writing this part because of the lack of photos but like most of us I need to think about my happy place right now with the sad news that they are closing.
After we parted with D and W, we had some time to kill before our Radiator Springs Racers FP started at 6:30. I decided it was a good time for a snack.
I left R and the kids to relax on a bench and headed to food and wine. I passed by some less enticing options and settled on the LA Style booth. I picked up their Barbacoa tacos, Monkey bread and “Blue Angeleno” cocktail with rum, pineapple and blue curaçao. They offered me a cardboard tray which was a lifesaver and a balanced everything as I sipped my cocktail on the walk back to cars land. The cocktail was very good and I may have finished it before I even got back...oops.
R and I shared the tacos and the kids split the monkey bread. As we sat and snacked I was able to snag a FP for Soarin for 7:00 and figured we would do that on our way out of the park.
After we all washed up the sticky monkey bread remnants, I figured we could get in line for the racers. I was excited for all of our first time and had snagged the FP much earlier in the day. As we approached the standby line extended through much of cars land. We attempted to enter the fastpass entrance and to our utter shock what we thought was the standby was actually the fastpass line. From crowd murmurings I gathered that the ride had been closed earlier in the day and saw many people with their multi experience fast passes pulled up on their phone. The standby line read 110 minutes but we didn’t see anyone actually standing in it. We always take full advantage of FP and have never taken the kids in a line more than 20 minutes and had no desire to start now with weary feet and less than full bellies. I decided we would do another maxpass day the following morning so we could try again as this was one of our top priorities. We moved on to another priority.
Here is a super blurry picture of the people waiting in the FP line. Not even the end of the line:hungover:.
Here are some pictures of our destination but again super blurry I think that drink hit me.

Tried to capture his excitement as this has been the favorite ride of both kids for both parks since our first Disneyland trip. I think it may have been de-throned after this trip though.
After our time under the sea I followed through on a promise for another sticky treat. I am 100% #teamdryerlint

I tried to see if R would want to try some more of the booth offerings but he’s been doing intermittent fasting at home which involves eating just one big meal a day so snacking was just making him hangry. He promised we could come back for lunch the next day which worked out well with my plan to do the racers.
We moved on to our last FP and the kids were excited to share the Soarin over California experience with R. Unfortunately R was still grumpy in line so we got into a little argument about dinner plans and wound up choosing the most convenient option which was mobile ordering the next door Smokejumpers Grill. A QS location I ate at last trip and was in no rush to repeat.
I enjoyed another round of the scenery along with the pine and orange smells and the kids were giggling the whole way.
Afterwards we needed a bathroom break for all and then we trudged onwards to our dinner.


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Day 3 Part 1
I was going to follow up my last post by writing about our QS dinner, but I can done it up pretty quickly: Don’t go to Smokejumpers grill. Ok now moving along to day 3.
We were heading into our final park day with a lot of “must dos” still on the table. The kids requests included: #1 for both Ride the Alice in Wonderland ride, also requested by Z: Ride the monorail, ride pirates, ride “Lightning McQueen”. O’s additional request seemed simple enough “meet a princess”. My list included: Ride Rise of the Resistance, Garlic Mac and Cheese from food and wine, and watch the Magic Happens parade.


We arrived at the park bright and early this day, there were EMH going on so we were able to scan our tickets in and get up to a roped off Tomorrowland entrance. The park opened at 9 officially but they let everyone through at 8:55.
R took the kids and led the way to Alice as I tapped around frantically on my phone. I was able to secure this first:

Super promising at on the other two days they had gotten through all of the boarding groups.
Next I went to work on fast passes. I was able to get Radiator Springs Racers for 1:00 which meant we couldn’t make another selection for a while. I closed out the app and we got to check the number one priority off the list.
Next on the list was “meet a princess”. O decided Alice counted and was her first choice. She was due to make an appearance soon so we checked in with Dumbo while we waited. The line was fairly long and I think we waited 20 minutes which may have been one of the longest waits of the trip. The kids were not happy and didn’t think Dumbo was worth the wait but once we were up in the air they forgot about their misery.

When we finished up with Dumbo it was still 20 minutes before Alice was scheduled to come out. I figured it would be a good time to be one of the first in line and send R for a snack then we would be quickly through once she appeared. I was so wrong, the line was not only already formed but incredibly long. I convinced O we should go to princess hall (which at WDW is usually a 20 min wait at this point in the morning-but has no wait time listed on the Disneyland app
I tried to snap a quick castle picture on our way.
When we arrived it took a minute to find the back of the line because there were other building in the area roped off, but when we did I was shocked to see a small sign that said 60 minute wait right where we would have been joining. We don’t wait 60 minutes in line for anything, ever. I told O if she wanted to we could come back later just me and her because Z and R would not wait in that long of a line. Just as I finished explaining that someone walked by us and said good morning to O.

O waved and in my quick thinking I whipped out my phone for a picture. “Did that count or do we need to come back later?” I asked her. She assured me that it counted. Thank goodness.


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Day 3 Part 2
The next thing on our must do list was pirates. It was around 10am and the wait was around 15 minutes. We were moving pretty steady throughout the wait and it felt good to take a seat. View attachment 459168
The kids both agreed they liked this version of pirates better, I tried to take pictures but they came out as just black...oops. As we were riding along we came to a sudden stop. An announcement played andover the course of the next 15 minutes we were serenaded with cannon fire. The kids would have been fine if they had something to look at but we were stuck around a dark corner and Z started to get upset by the noise. R and I just reminded them that we were lucky to be sitting down and cool and not waiting in the line when this happened. I actually appreciated the longer break for my feet and checked in on the Rise queue.
It was at 34-I figured we would be called within an hour-hour and a half based on other days.
We finished our pirate adventure and the kids picked up on some smaller details this time around. Z has been talking about the “pirate kittys” ever since. His room was going to be pirate themed but I never finished it so I am thinking of tackling that while we are isolated at home.
At this point it was a few minutes before 11 and we decided on an early lunch while we waited for our boarding group to be called. New Orleans square smelled pretty tempting and I perused menus as R and Z stopped for a bathroom break. After consulting with R though, we decided to try Docking Bay 7 so that we could wait nearby for Rise.
We put in our mobile order before leaving New Orleans square and I tapped “I’m here” once we entered Galaxy’s Edge.
This was officially our first time entering the land (we had popped in for just a minute the previous day). I wasn’t immediately overwhelmed with it but the experience built up for me the more we explored.
It took us a few minutes to find Docking Bay 7, but when we did we were immediately able to find a table. There was no line for mobile order and our food was waiting for me to pick up.
We were already starving and dug in

I got this dish which had “plant based meatballs”-they were really more like fallafal balls but so delicious.
The kids had the Star Wars version of chicken (picture is after we split the meal and cut it up) and they both enjoyed it. Not pictured are the ribs and blueberry cornbread that R ordered. He is still talking about how good this meal was. We need to find a recipe for blueberry cornbread to make at home.

We sat a long time over lunch resting our feet. There didn’t seem to be a need for our table as there were plenty empty so I didn’t see a need to hurry on.
While we waited I checked the Rise boarding groups and found they had not moved in an hour. Then I checked and saw that Radiator Springs Racers was closed. On a quick detour to the bathroom I overheard that Rise was down and Radiator Springs Racers had been down all day.


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Day 2 Part 3:
I forgot to mention in the previous post but our boarding group had been called while we were napping. I sent our passes to D and W to attempt to use but when they got in line the ride went down.
Back to the evening we decided to head over to cars land to close out our time with D and W. We stopped along the way to meet some friends.View attachment 455103View attachment 455094
Goofy was in a little kitchen that was set up as part of food and wine.
We were getting our $ worth out of photo pass this day so we went to meet a famous car next. View attachment 455099
Then it was time to ride some rides. We had a FP for Radiator Springs Racers for 6:30 and it was a little after five so we found some other things to do.View attachment 455087
First up was Mater’s junkyard jamboree. I forgot how much this thing whips you around and squished O on the first spin by accident. We followed up meeting another famous vehicle.
View attachment 455092
Next up was Luigi’s Rollickin Roadsters which was a little more tame.
View attachment 455088View attachment 455095View attachment 455096
R arrived in the park while we were twirling with Luigi and afterwards it was just about time for D and W to head out. We decided to get a group photo before they had to go.View attachment 455097
In the picture with Lightning McQueen, the wheels of the tractor painted on the wall in the background look like giant Mickey Ears on W's head. Very cool effect!

I hadn't noticed it in the last TR of yours I read, but how tall are you? I'm feeling very vertically-challenged!


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In the picture with Lightning McQueen, the wheels of the tractor painted on the wall in the background look like giant Mickey Ears on W's head. Very cool effect!

I hadn't noticed it in the last TR of yours I read, but how tall are you? I'm feeling very vertically-challenged!
What a neat hidden Mickey-I hadn’t noticed :)
I am 5’11. with my family I fit right in, but anytime we are with R’s family I feel like a giant. Fingers crossed at least one of the kids gets my height gene.


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What a neat hidden Mickey-I hadn’t noticed :)
I am 5’11. with my family I fit right in, but anytime we are with R’s family I feel like a giant. Fingers crossed at least one of the kids gets my height gene.
I'm the only one in my family that DIDN'T get the height gene. My mom was 5'10, my brother is 6'4 and here I am at 5'5.5. I guess my dad wasn't really tall at 5'11, but still, I'm the only shorty.


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Day 3 Part 3
I have been putting off writing this part of my trip report because at the time it was a disappointment and in this crazy time I only wanted to relive happy memories from our trip. Looking back at the pictures with the kids made me realize though how fun and relaxing the afternoon ended up being.
Upon hearing the two rides on our list were down I was definitely upset, I knew R couldn’t take much more walking and that the kids would not be able to wait in a long line without melting down R asked what we could do that might cheer me up. I decided taking a family photo and some churro toffee might help.
While we waited for our picture with a certain famous spaceship in the background we spotted a wookie

Unfortunately the photo we got will never see the light of day. The sun was in our eyes big time and it was a very unflattering picture of me.
R asked to do a little shopping since the kids had not picked out their souvenirs for the trip yet and they had been promised one each for their good behavior (there was not fighting on this trip-I miss that!).
We met some more interesting folks along the way

The kids enjoyed shopping for their gifts, Z picked a little BB8 that moves and “talks”. It has since made friends with O’s LOL surprise dolls (if you don’t know what these are consider yourself lucky). O decided on a porg stuffy that has a magnet built in so you can wear it on your shoulder. She has since named it BB and insisted BB attend home school with her every day.
We tried for churro toffee on the way out but it wasn’t the right day of the week and they had a different flavor instead, I decided I didn’t need anything else so with that we headed back to the hotel.
The kids had been asking to try the water playground and it was finally warm enough.

Z clearly couldn’t contain himself. I had to tell him to stop running on wet cement at least 100 times.

As I sat there I received a notification that our boarding group was called, but I was perfectly content with our decision as I soaked my tired feet in the kiddie pool and watch the kids splash around and make new friends.
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Day 3 Part 4
After the kids had their fill of the water playground, they each had a shower in the room and were instructed to take a rest. While they rested I showered and attempted to nap but instead my mind was stuck on making evening plans.
R woke up from a nap and told me that he didn’t think he could do anymore walking. I decided that I could do something I have never done before-take both kids to the park on my own.
I formulated 3 choices as I began to get ready to go back out, then presented them to R. a) he could come along back to the park, b) he could drive the car to downtown Disney and meet us for our dinner reservation or c) he could just drive the car and pick us up at the park exit when we were ready. He chose B which is what I was hoping for.
I was so eager to finish our park time for the trip off on a good note I broke one of my cardinal rules: never wake a sleeping child. Sorry kids you can sleep tomorrow!
They were dressed and ready within ten minutes and we were off to the park.
We met a friend on the way in

You can see my earlier purchase in this picture. I love my baby Yoda (I know I know “The Child”) spirit jersey.
We then had a fastpass in Tomorrowland.

We may not have ridden rise of the resistance but I still needed to pull out Dramamine for this one so that kinda counts right? It was Z’s first time and this really peaked both kids interest in Star Wars. We are currently working our way through the movies on Disney+.
Next we had another fastpass for a repeat on a favorite:

We all sat in one vehicle so I was laser-less and tasked with navigation.
We had just enough time to grab a snack for later and squeeze in one more fastpass before executing my ultimate plan of the evening.

Z was happy with the choice. When we exited crowds were starting to congregate on the walkways. We were able to squeeze by and found a spot right between the teacups and the Alice ride to wait.

What can I say we are drier lint fans. O was not thrilled with waiting and thought we should be riding the Alice ride. The line was still at 15-20 minutes and I knew we didn’t have that much time.
A CM came by and blocked off the pathway in front of us. She directed traffic the other way and I asked if we could sit at the line. A few other families who had been waiting joined us and as the sun began to go down we settled in our spots.


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You won’t need Dramamine for Rise of the Resistance. It is nothing like Star Tours (which I cannot ride unless my eyes are closed. :hungover: ) However you may need it for the Falcon ride (which I have not done.)

No judgment on consuming dryer lint. 😉 🤣


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You won’t need Dramamine for Rise of the Resistance. It is nothing like Star Tours (which I cannot ride unless my eyes are closed. :hungover: ) However you may need it for the Falcon ride (which I have not done.)

No judgment on consuming dryer lint. 😉 🤣
I have been avoiding spoilers for Rise as much as possible, so I am not sure what to expect if/when I get to experience it. FOP killed me without Dramamine with the 3D+motion, I was assuming something similar but I could be way off since I have avoided everything I could about it.


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Day 3 Part 5
Prior to this trip, I had never set and watched a Disney Parade (I have gotten caught in them plenty of times-poor timing I guess). When I heard about the Magic Happens Parade opening right before our trip it shot to the top of my must do list.
We were in our place with minutes to go and as we waited for the parade to reach us the sun set.
The kids were a little upset that we weren’t riding rides until the first float approached then they were sold.
Please excuse my horrible blurry pictures, I don’t know how to take night photos.


Getting a hug from Kristoff was a highlight for O

Overall the parade was nothing short of amazing the kids and I all loved every second of it. I saw that there is a YouTube video of the parade when we watched Happily Ever After last week and I plan on watching it with R as part of a family fun night soon since he missed it in the park.
With the parade over people were pouring out of the park and we were in prime position to ride Alice with next to no wait. The kids were thrilled to take another spin.

We were making good time so we were able to sneak in a quick spin

Then it was time for our final ride of the evening. The kids had been begging to ride the monorail the whole trip and we finally had a reason to.

Z was especially thrilled to ride the monorail to dinner.


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I am hijacking my own TR because this it the week we normally spend in WDW, and it has brought a lot of memories of our past trips and seeing how the kids have grown with WDW makes my heart happy in these crazy times and I wanted to share that with my WDW magic friends.
May 2015:


May 2018:

May 2019:


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Day 3 Part 6:
We disembarked the monorail with time to spare before dinner so we stopped by the LEGO store for a bit.

Then it was time for the dinner R and I always look forward to.

We visited Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen on our first trip to Disneyland when it was the only reservation we could get on a busy Saturday night and we really wanted a table service. At the time I had recently begun to cook gumbo and after eating Ralph’s version R requested that I change mine to be more like it.
I am not well versed in Cajun cooking lingo, but this gumbo is roux based and not tomato based like others I have tried. The perfect pairing for me is the cheese stuffed garlic bread.

R ordered steak and the jalapeño potato salad, another favorite we have recreated at home.

The kids portions were huge! But they were hungry and made a good dent in them.

We had the bananas foster for dessert which is created table side. Rum caramelized bananas over ice cream definitely evokes Ohana memories but nothing beats Ohana bread pudding.

With the conclusion of our meal, we closed out the Disneyland portion of our trip. At the time I had a lot of grumbles about the things that didn’t work in our favor but now I look back at the trip as a whole as a blessing considering the current state of the parks.


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Rest of Trip
While we had wrapped up Disney the night before we still had another half day in Anaheim with some important things to check off the list.
We started with breakfast at CoCos which is a chain in that area (and I am not sure where else?) that serves all day breakfast. Some of the off site hotels we have stayed at require walking by and this is a staple of our Anaheim trips. R’s favorite breakfast anywhere is their “Denver potato pancakes” and I had to them myself as well this trip.They did not disappoint.

I would definitely recommend giving cocos a try if you need a breakfast near Disneyland. It’s a very affordable and consistently good.
We then got the rest of our souvenir shopping done at the local target. The selection of Disney merchandise was extensive and we came away with heavier suitcases.
We then checked out and drove to visit some more with the grandparents at their house. We had the chance to watch the Blue Angels practice while we were there which the kids are still talking about.


We ended the trip with an overnight stay in the Holiday Inn in Oldtown SanDiego ahead of our early morning flight. The hotel was clean and the staff were very accommodating. We made a special trip to Guahan Grill in San Diego which R had been to on a previous visit with his dad. I was skeptical about Guamanian food as I have never had it, but the food was nothing short of amazing.

I’m sure San Diego has no shortage of dining options but this is somewhere we would return in a heartbeat. The sticky wings, BBQ meats and rice were all amazing but the loaded fries set it over the top for me.
We ended our trip with a long, but relatively smooth travel day home. We got to settle back into normalcy for just a short few days before lockdown/closures began.
In these crazy times I understand how lucky we are just to be healthy with a roof over our heads and steady income. We are even more lucky to have had the chance to take this trip as others have had to cancel vacations each week the restrictions and health concerns persist. Looking back at our pictures from the trip has helped us feel hopeful about what’s to come in the future. Reliving some of the magic through watching fireworks/parades on YouTube, recreating our favorite Disney snacks and watching so many classics on Disney+ have really helped with all the stress we are facing in our “new normal”. I hope my trip report has helped spread that magic to some of you.


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Part 2 Update:
Like so many others our planned trip is in limbo with the corona virus. We booked in November 2019 for early September 2020 at AKL using rented points from David’s rentals.
This was going to be a big trip to celebrate Z’s 5th birthday and involved our first big family trip with my parents and both of my sisters.
Once the dust started to settle on corona the rest of the involved family members decided it best to cancel their trips. I still hoped to go just to make the most out of our DVC rental as it remains to be seen what our options would be should we decide to cancel at this point. Like so many others here, watching my reservations and plans disappear just felt like the air was let out of my balloon.
I had not made specific Park plans for this trip prior to the virus and we do not currently have park tickets. This leaves us out of the scramble for park reservations but also in serious limbo and it may be weeks before we have answers. I don’t think anyone in our family is at all prepared to wear masks in the Florida heat all day. If we are given an option through David’s to cancel or reschedule at this point we would take it in a heartbeat but if we stand to lose the money we already put into the trip we may need to consider a no parks trip or something along those lines.
Good luck to everyone working their way through the new system!


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Update (again):
For anyone in a similar position who is following I have another update. I decided to try the system and it will let me through to selecting a party then much like Fastpass reservations it asks you to link or purchase a ticket. I wondered if there might be a back door option to purchase a ticket for resort guests but unfortunately there is not.
I reached out to David’s not expecting to hear back for weeks but they replied almost immediately. The position for the resort being open is that they will contact the owner attempt to re rent points and if they are able to do so then I am able to choose between a partial refund or a travel credit for the full amount paid.
If we can’t get the refund I will probably just try and make the most of the resort stay which I feel would be fun for me but pulling teeth for R. If we can then we will cancel and probably not rebook for at least a year which will make me more sad in the short term but save us so much stress and hassle. I am trying to feel grateful that the decision is no longer in my hands and I plan on just making the best out of the outcome whatever it may be.
I can’t wait for all of the TR coming with the parks opening back up and I will be avidly following to distract myself from the continued struggle of trying to amuse children in the world closed by corona.

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