Food and E-Ride question!!


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I have two questions:

1. Are the E-Ride tickets only for guests on WDW Property?

2. What are the cheapest places to eat at the parks (would rather spend my money on merchandise :animwink: )?

Thanks, Hito

Pumbas Nakasak

Heading for the great escape.

1. Yes you must be a resort guest. And you must also have admission ticket for the parks as well as admission for E ride night.

2. If you dine with a little thought and eat at lunch time its possible to have a table service meal for not much more than counter service. That said counter services we like are;

MK Pinocchios Village Haus
MK Pescos Bills Cafe
MK The Plazza Pavilion
AK Flame Tree BBQ
AK Tusker House
MGM ABC Commisary
Epcot Electric Umbrella
Epcot UK ( its a change from burgers)
Epcot Norway, Bakeri

I must admit id rather spend a little more and get proper tukka in nice surroundings and a break from the park pounding.
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We ALWAYS get hot dogs at Casey's in the MK. Love Pecos Bills too, but it's always crowded. We can never find a table.

Try to have your big meal at lunchtime...usually just smaller portions of dinner menu (but still too large for me).
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