Flying Fish Cafe to offer breakfast in the fall


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I still don't see either a full menu, or when trying to book in mid November, you cannot select times any earlier than dinner.


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We always eat breakfast at Fresh over in the Dolphin when staying at the BW or BC. You never need a reservation and the food is good. With no need for a reservation we can just decide each day whether we are hungry enough for full breakfast or just a coffee/bagel. They have a buffet and a full breakfast menu. On the buffet, they will make you Omelets, waffles, pancakes while you wait. It's more of the convention/business crowd, so a nice peaceful spot to start the day with no characters.


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Ok thanks. I wanna say that they should replace Kouzzina with a restaurant that has a great breakfast, but the boardwalk has a pretty good nightlife so I tend to sleep-in past breakfast anyway.
They are replacing Kouzina and they will offer breakfast. I forget the name of it but it is in the news article about Flying Fish breakfast at the start of this thread. Flying Fish will go back to only dinner when the new restaurant opens.:)

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