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Flower and Garden question


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My familiy’s Favorite festival is flower and garden. We booked for end of feb/first week of March like we have in the past but when the schedule came out it starts on the 6th this year. Very exicited we will make it to festival of the arts for the first time but bummed we will miss flower and garden. We will be at Epcot for our last day on the 2nd of March. It’s the Saturday before the festival starts. Does anyone know if any aspects of flower and garden are normally set up a few days early? Hoping to at least see some topiaries and gardens. My kids love the f&g playgrounds and butterfly gardens. I also prefer f&g kitchens and would save my snack credits if there was a chance they would be open the Saturday before.
We are also just making it to festival of the arts on its last day of operation. Does anyone know if they stop offering any part of that festival early?


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Most of the plantings and topiaries will be complete during your visit, so you will be able to enjoy the floral beauty.

However it is highly unlikely that the playgrounds, butterfly house and food kiosks will be open, so you shouldn’t save up your snack credits for the Flower and Garden booths.

The Festival of the Arts should be fully operational on its last day.
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