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Flamingo Crossing Hotels

Perhaps its just a case of What is good for your business Mr. Marriott is good for my business (Disney). We learn in business school that having competition nearby actually increases business and not always detour it.

Example - Before there was the Swan and Dolphin, maybe Disney only received business from 5% of all starwood rewards customers. But now that they have not one but two hotels not near but INSIDE the World of Disney, they have manage to attract many more of the starwood rewards customers who redeem their points for free tickets or nights and then blow a bunch more money they wouldn't otherwise had inside the park since they don't have to pay for hotels/tickets..... which would otherwise...made this random or long time saved up for trip impossible. And plus access to extra magic hours!? ::DROOLY FACE::?

Maybe they hope to capitalize with Marriott in sense like this, offer those who stay at the new Marriott's access to extra magic hours like others have mentioned and in returned have visitors with more money in their pockets to blow at Disney World. Plus Marriott is huge with a lot of potential business...

Just an example.


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I would certainly expect - or at least hope - it will be much better, because Flamingo Crossings is supposed to be a planned development, as opposed to the hodgepodge of hotels, shops, gas stations, and restaurants along U.S. 192. It will also be new and more modern, again opposed to areas which have gradually developed over a span of more than 40 years.

In addition, it has direct access to Disney property with far less traffic than any other direction. It could prove very convenient for people who have cars but still spend their vacation almost exclusively within Walt Disney World.

You make a valid point, again especially applicable to those who drive to Florida or have rental cars. Flamingo Crossings will be especially convenient to the All-Star Resorts, ironically the closest WDW resort to the price point at which these new hotels will be competing.

Thank you. It isn't very far from AKL either. We fly and MME it. If I were staying at AKL again and Walgreens was there I'd be inclined to take a Taxi, buy Pop, Beer, Wine and a case of water hop in the same waiting Taxi and head back to AKL. Just the Water alone we drank by the pool over the 7 days would pay for the cab let alone the Adult Beverage savings. We never ate in our room but if there was a Perkins or something along those lines there I'd happily go there over eating some of Disney's quick service breakfasts, Cooks would be the exception.

What I find interesting about this whole deal is BV Land Company is selling off these parcels that officially fall onto Disney property though Disney portrays it as 'outside' the arch, a little smoke and mirrors. In every other case where there were builds on the property by others Disney kept the deeds and long termed leased the land.
This is only around 450 acres. Disney still has about 17000 and then there is another 7500 not controlled by Disney in Reedy Creek district. Disney still has the lion share of votes (1 vote per acre) but they have been very careful not to do this before. BV Land pitched this as did Disney as a Value area back when they announced the project, expecting the hotels to be budget. Now the tide has changed a bit and Marriott is a far cry from a budget,value they were hoping to attract.

Marriotts starting entry level salaries are a couple dollars an hour more on average than Disney, give or take. This to me is one of the biggest issues in the entire area. There is already 70K low wage earners and the available desirables at that salary is getting smaller. You can keep adding DVC's, expanding DTD district but where the heck are you going to get quality employees that will stay when the hopes for most is to climb up the tree for maybe a dollar or two more an hour over the next 5-10 years? We had 3 earning their ears international program CMs checking us in last month. It took 2 hours to undo whatever happened there. Never figured out what happened that things got so messed up but seriously how much farther can the area stretch that pool of available low wage earns?
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Here is a better image from the permit.



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Why on earth do we need more hotels and a strip mall of all things???? And I do not buy the "low end" pricing - lets be real this is on disney property. Low end in any other city may be $60-150 - I fully expect these to be in the upper $100s and higher which is no different than staying at the values


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I think these hotels will do just fine. Us, as Disney "experts" who know better, sometimes underestimate the general public's lack of knowledge and planning smarts. There will be plenty of people who hear "on Disney property" and will automatically book without any further research. I live far enough away from WDW that I have to fly and over the years I have talked to many people on flights going to WDW for the first time who never did any research before getting on the plane.


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Wait, what's this? I thought the "insiders" said this project was dead, non-existent!

This will work great for our first night after the drive with room and location to stock up on drinks, water, etc. Make it easy and close for early check-in next morning.


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Ehhh, I guess since it is a decent ways away from the main areas of WDW it isn't so bad.

Just real curious to see which retailers jump on board here now that they have confirmed hotels.


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The big question is... who is building these Marriott hotels and who will own them?

It's doubtful that it's the company Marriott. They generally just manage properties (former Marriott exec here). Although they do own a few resorts under the Host Hotels & Resorts flag (one of which is Orlando World Center), Marriott could be using these as a tool in their greater Orlando expansion. They now control most of the rooms in the area with Orlando World Center (largest Marriott branded hotel in the world and largest hotel in Florida, under a single room) and the Gaylord Palms at their disposal.


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I will stay in them if they are "reasonably" priced for the area. We are APs and can't afford disney's prices. The value just isn't there for the amount of time we spend in the area. We generally pick Marriotts when we are there overnight because they have larger rooms than Disney's "value" resorts, include breakfast and are typically cleaner. No. We don't get the Extra Magic Hours, but we do hang onto a few more dollars...


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I wouldn't expect any Disney amenities, and certainly not park transportation (unless provided by a third party, as many offsite hotels already do). Remember that these hotels are on Disney property, but located outside the WDW arch which welcomes you to Disney World (and people like to stop in the middle of the road to take a picture of). Many guests likely won't even realize they are technically staying 'in the world', much like Hotel Plaza.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there an entrance arch on Hotel Plaza Blvd right as you enter? I believe it's small, but there.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there an entrance arch on Hotel Plaza Blvd right as you enter? I believe it's small, but there.

Yes, there is, and even then I've seen a surprising number of people (in trip reports, etc.) say something like "we didn't stay on property this trip, we stayed in the Best Western or Hilton by Downtown Disney", so I'd expect it to be even more common at Flamingo Crossings (outside the 'arch').

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