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First visit to OKW


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I am sorry if you misunderstood my point. I was simply saying that Disney as a whole is really sucking with their quick-service options at DVC resorts. I am making a complaint for not just Old Key West but other Resorts too. I do find Old Key West to be decent with their Quick Service though compared to or some other places. So I guess I find them average. I know we are talking about Old Key West but I don't see the harm in discussing other locations. I get it you don't like Old Key West for that and as you said Different Strokes.
I also agree with you QS has gone down hill. Not just at DVC properties, but across the board. TS too.


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I also agree with you QS has gone down hill. Not just at DVC properties, but across the board. TS too.
Only positive I will say is that at QS is that they usually have at least one non-fried food option for kids. It used to be burgers and nuggets only really for a while. Makes it easier for us to do food in our room because of it all I guess.
I like the vibe of OKW. Laid back, relaxed... A stark contrast to the go-go-go usually associated with WDW. QS is the standard Disney mediocre, at best. Olivia's is good. The rooms are the largest in DVC, which may or may not make a difference to some people.

erasure fan1

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We stay at OKW most of our trips.
Question(s). We're going this fall and will be staying at Old Key West. Some people throw off on it. I get that proximity to parks might be a loss for some people. What do people not like about this resort?
We have stayed there a lot. What I feel can be negatives are these. No food court can be inconvenient but not terrible if you have a car. Port Orleans is next door so we often drive over, get food and swim. The bus service is very slow most of the time. The resort is so big you need to drive to the main area (pool, Olivias, giftshop...)

That said if you like feeling a bit more secluded and want to be away from the craziness, its very nice. Big rooms beautiful grounds, nice and quiet. And Olivias is very much one of the most under rated place to eat in Disney.

Simba's Mom

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If you can, OP, request a renovated villa. We're at OKW now, and already we're on our second villa, which we had a water leak in today. We used to love it here, but they REALLY need to renovate it. Stained bathroom floor, no throw pillows, remotes partially working (some #s don't work), etc.


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Quick story. Been a member for 15 years and never stayed at OKW up until 5 years ago. My wife wanted no part of it but I wanted to stay at every resort at some point. Got a week there followed by a week at Boardwalk. Suffice it to say, she loved it from the time we got there and so did I. It has become our favorite resort and every year when we go for our 17 day trip, she insists that one week must be at OKW. Rooms are huge, grounds are beautiful and we have never had bad bus service. Now I have to find some points so I don’t have to waitlist every year! :D
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