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Finger Print Readers Suspended??


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Splash is nasty squared and I would hope all would do everything to avoid it and wash beyond thoroughly if it happened....

But many cultures refuse to wash and scrub with soap, anti bacterial cleaning agents and hot water. Wash and clean like Japanese and we're good to go.


I'm Just A Tourist!
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You really think that it doesn't splash up on your hands from the urinal? Ever notice the metal guards along he side are always rusted from the salt? WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER!
Based on what you just said about "splash-back," people should change their clothes every time they use a urinal.

For me, I'll settle for washing my hands as sufficient.


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Given: for those who bathe and clean themselves thoroughly and often then biologically/biochemically speaking(not culturally or psychologically) the two most communicably 'dirty' parts on their anatomy are mouths and hands. Mouths and hands: mouths due to bacteria and hands due to touching everything from money to holding hand straps and rings on subway trains.
So by your logic, washing hands is important. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity in the bathroom to do so whether you think you need it or not?

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