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News 'Finding Dory's Friends' - a new scavenger hunt now available at The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion


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Perhaps they are trying to gather interest in a new Seas updated ride or a new ride in this pavilion

After visiting Epcot, with the new traffic flow, my initial instinct is that this is recognition that traffic patterns have changed and a lot more people will be walking in the Seas pavilion. We used to not feel like walking down there every trip and I’m guessing a bunch of people didn’t even realize it was there. Now everyone going “right” goes right by it. Especially when Spaceship Earth goes down. It will be the first thing to do in the park. So nice to give people something else to do when they will be eager to do something.

Simba’s Mom

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It sounds like fun on my next solo trip. Just curious, I wonder if you get anything for finishing-that is, finding everything. I'll be going in September, so I'm looking for things to do inside, where it's air conditioned. This may be it!

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