Finally going ahead with my Vow Renewal Plans. Now to choose where and when?


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Hey Guys!

Some of you may have noticed that I posted plans for a vow renewal one and half years ago, but because of the pandemic, everything had to be canceled. In a way, I was super lucky since my plans had not been finalized and I had not put any down deposit.

Well now that the vaccines are being distributed, I think it is safe to plan our vow renewal for 2022. By then we should all be vaccinated and it should be much safer to travel. Plus we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage.

Now we are trying to decided when and where to have our vow renewal. We know we want an outdoor ceremony and we want it to be an intimate event (not more than 16 people). My husband and I have narrowed our choice down to two options:
A vow renewal on a beach in Hawaii just us and the kids or a vow renewal at Disney World with close family and friends.

My husband and I prefer Hawaii but if we choose this location, my family will not be able to attend. First of all it is a 12-hour flight from Montreal (Canada) to Hawaii and it is a very expensive flight. Since it is so far and expensive we will be making it a two-week vacation to make it worth our while. I know that the distance and the expense is just too great for most of my family so It will probably just be us and my two boys.

If we choose Disney, most of my family will be able to attend since it is only a 3-hour flight from Montreal to Orlando and it's a lot more affordable than Hawaii.

The easy solution is to choose Hawaii but part of me feels kind-of sad that my family will not be attending. I feel like the day won't be as special without them. I also really miss my family since the pandemic has kept us all apart for so long. I haven't seen my niece or nephew in over a year.

The timing is also better for us if we choose Hawaii. We can travel in July when the kids are out of school and when the weather is great in Hawaii.
If we choose Disney, the summer is out of the question. It just too hot and humid. So, the only dates that are possible for us is either first week of March (during Canadian Spring Break) or Mid-September right after school begins.

In early March, the room rates are higher, the parks are crowded but there is less chances of rain. There can be some really cold days in March which is not great for our outdoor wedding. If we pick mid-September, the weather is much warmer but it is also hurricane season and we can get rained out but the prices are much lower and the parks less crowded. Hmmm, so hard to choose.

What do you all think? Help me decide!

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