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Fifth Gate Disney Memories


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Maintaining a park like the original (post-walt) EPCOT Center only works if you put innovation and change before $$.. That concept died with Walt.
Its possible, but you would have to turn it over to other groups without expecting super high sponsorship costs. Tell elon you can have an area for the boring company, tesla and space x. We ask you to teach and wow people about the future. Then give him empty space for his showcases and have him pay the employees that talk about it. We arent talking rides we are talking more worlds fair stuff. There are tons of entrepreneurs and smart people that would leap at that opportunity. The problem epcot had is they let them have toomuch say in the rides and charged way too much for sponsorships. Instead let them brand things and have an area to showcase.


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I wish Ellen's Energy Adventure was still there.
In my opinion, that was about the only change of an original Epcot attraction that was actually an improvement to what came first. The first Universe of Energy was long, drawn out, and downright boring, except for the dinosaurs. I tended to fall asleep on it.
The only thing it had ( in addition to the afore mentioned dinosaurs) was some really good music.


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I would love a 5th gate to be based on nature. The company already has a huge tie-in to nature with Disneynature, True-Life, etc. Something like Disney Naturations: Stories Through Nature. They could have so many fun areas:

- Forest (lots of IP potential here)
- Sky (flight rides)
- Mountains (maybe the Matterhorn or Mount Fuji)
- City (maybe Zootopia land from Shanghai)
- Jungle (also lots of Disney IPs)
- Desert
- Sea (imagine a mini DisneySea!)

It could be really pretty and there are endless potential ideas for attractions, shows, and dining.

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