Trip Report Fiancee’s First-Ever Disney Trip

Hello all! I’ve been to Disney many many times, but this is my fiancee’s first time ever to Disney. We went to Disney springs back in May (which was also his first time to Florida) but not much else was open. Here’s our trip report!!!

TR Key - A is my fiancée. R is myself. M is my mom. We decided to go from the 19th-22nd hitting up one park each day.

Pictures and quotes/quirks to follow in comments!


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First day 10/19: Magic Kingdom

I knew before going this would likely be A’s least favorite park. Crowds were high at this time. We got there around 10ish and made our way around.






As soon as we got into the park, we were greeted with not one but TWO of the cavalcades. The “Boo-to-you” one he didn’t care for (although I sang along to every word), but he did enjoy seeing the villains. He loved the huge chernabog.

Next up we heading to Swiss Family Treehouse. Not the most exciting thing, but everyone has to do it once.

A: Oh I think this is where I left my book of tomes. Must be a witchcraft family.

Then we were off to jungle cruise. M and I lied and told him the animals on the ride were real.

(While passing the headhunters)A: oh....uhh....uh-oh. That’s not good.

Didn’t take any pics near the Pirates ride, but here’s some hilarious quotes both in queue and on the ride from A...

A: Well...what if they take my booty?
(After the first initial dark drop) A:They TOOK my BOOTY.

Also didn’t take any pics for Splash, for good reason. Our queue was over an hour wait and it started down pouring while in line.
A: Well what’s the hype for splash mountain if we’re already soaked???
(After riding) A: Ride wasn’t that bad, I didn’t like the drop in the dark. I gotta see where I’m going in case I need to barrel-roll off of the ride.

After this we had a quick lunch break. A got the new Hades nachos which he thought were pretty great. M just got some chicken nuggets and fries and I got a pepperoni flatbread pizza from Pinocchio’s. Gotta say, best darn flat bread I’ve had.

Next stop was Haunted Mansion. We were gonna go on Small World, but the line we thought was insane. Come to find out, HM went through a cleaning cycle and we waited a good 1 1/2 to get on the ride.


(Catching Madame Leota opening her eyes) A: you can’t fool me, I see what you’re up to...
Our ride ended up stopping right at the singing busts in the yard so A and I dabbed to the music to entertain ourselves. Laughed hysterically.

Next I had to torture A with my favorite ride in the whole world, It’s a Small World.


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Finally got to break out my Small World ears. Also, funny little moment while waiting to get on the ride, I heard a little girl sing “A Whole New World” but she changed it to say “A Whole New Small World”. Had me cracking up.

M and I sang along to most of the ride so it was pure torture for A.

After finally getting on and off of the ride, we decided since it was getting later we would head over to Tomorrowland. I really wanted to hit up Buzz Lightyear. Since I’ve been on the ride many times, I....may have mention some tips to A. Score below...

My Score...compared to....


A’s score. Hahahahahahahahaha. He was so mad.

With only about 15mins til park close we decided as our last ride to go on Peter Pan.


The ride stopped multiple times while up high.
A:I’ll just plunge down and chill with Ariel and her friends. Unless that’s cardboard, then I’ll die.

Anywho folks, this was our Magic Kingdom day.

Also, obligatory castle picture:


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Second day 10/20: Animal Kingdom

Today is A’s birthday!!!! M and I decided he would probably enjoy this park the most. (Low crowds, not terrible wait times, overall cool themes). We first got in line for Kilimanjaro except the line was crazy so we decided to hop on over to Flights of Passage.




I was never a fan of the avatar movie, but man, Disney really did great with the theming over here. I tend to get slightly dizzy on this ride, but opted to go on it anyway so I can see/hear A’s reaction.

Overall he enjoyed it a lot.
(While the banshee is stopped in the glittering cave) A: I hope this isn’t bait. I saw what that dragon thing tried to do out there...

After this we decided to get in line for the safari. By this point the line had died down significantly from 60 mins to 25 mins. Lots of animal pictures to follow:







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A really enjoyed seeing the animals. Granted, it looked like it was nap/cool-off time for most of them.

After this it was nearing 2ish so we decided to get some lunch. M and A got pulled pork sandwiches. I wasn’t feeling much so I got a hot dog kids meal. Lol. Still delicious. I want more of them cookies.

While we were eating, A remembered that Bugs Life and Dinosaur were his favorite movies when he was a kid. He didn’t know that’s what the rides/shows were based on. Promptly headed to Bugs Life!

(While the black widow spiders come down) A: oh ****, oh ****, oh ****!!!!! *ducked his head*

We then decided to go to Kali River since the wait was non-existent. A loved so much he wanted to go again. But alas, it was getting late and we had one more ride we really needed to go on, Dinosaur.


We finished the ride and I told A that we needed to go see his picture on the ride.
A: Oh no, I don’t think we wanna see that. Not gonna lie I had my eyes closed most of the time. That was intense.

(I will find that picture on MDE)
We left the parks for the day to go do some non-Disney stuff for A’s birthday. As of right now he is still raving about the park and how much he loved it. Great birthday present!

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