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Festival Center???


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I’m aware of things that suggests not exactly but we will see. Remember this is concept art.

Thank you. It looks like an amazing concept. But, definitely the kind of thing that seems impractical. Especially in light of the way the budgets have been cut for everything from Slinky, Mine Train to even SW:GE.

Seeing it in the video made me think it had passed some time of greenlight process.

That said, this is exactly the type of thing I think Epcot should have (if it has to exist). An amazing place. Not a giant box.


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Does anyone have any idea, now that the Wonders of Life Pavilion has been roped off for construction, where is the Food and Wine/Flower and Garden Festival Center going to be located?

This year, all programs, for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, will take place in World ShowPlace Events Pavilion. This location is noted on programs and in the Walt Disney World app.

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