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We have early hours access to Epcot. Kids want only non-scary/non-fast rides. Entering from international gate. Current plan for early hours is:

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
Frozen ever after (maybe two times?)
The Seas with Nemo & Friends

and then we are located close to Journey Into Imagination, Living with the Land, Spaceship earth etc.

Are we walking too much? (will have a stroller)
Should we skip The Seas for EE and stay around FEA for Three Caballeros once it opens?
Maybe Remy is better as LL due to lines (even thought it's closest to entrance)?

Ideally we avoid buying Genie+ that day but we can if a must. It is expected to be a very busy weekend.

Any improvement idea is welcomed!


My plan has you start with Remy during EE then do the opposite of the crowds. World Showcase gets busier as the day goes on but Discovery/Celebration/Nature do the opposite. The Seas and Norway are on opposite ends from each other and Nemo is way busier at park opening as that is one of the first attractions people pass when entering, same with Spaceship Earth.
8:30am Head straight to Remy
Get breakfast from Les Halles and head to Norway
Frozen Ever After
Gran Fiesta
Circle World Showcase from Mexico to Canada stopping at desired shows (Reflections of China, American Adventure, Beauty and the Beast Sing Along, Canada Far and Wide) and shops.
Any desired meet and greets? There are a lot. If yes, then enter the line 10 minutes before scheduled opening.
Have lunch at ? What's your favorite?
Return to your resort for nap and pool?
Circle the front of the park visiting Imagination, Living with the Land, (Soarin'), The Seas, Journey of Water with Moana, Spaceship Earth, and Mission: Space Green. Make sure to visit the play areas outside Imagination and Mission Space.
Dinner at ?
Watch nighttime entertainment- Luminous.
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Eric Graham

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If you can walk fast, I would go to Frozen first, otherwise head to Remy if you don't make it. Sometimes your advantage lies which gate you enter at. The boat entrance can be faster at times.
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