Favorite TS not at a park?


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Thanks everyone! I'm trying to narrow down where to have dinner on our day off from the parks. The only out of park TS restaurants we've been to before are O'hana and Chef Mickey's. Since we are staying at the poly this time we will again be eating at O'hana and trying Kona. From the posts it seems that maybe we should try Floridian cafe or the wave if we want to stay on the monorail or venture to AKL to try Boma! Choices choices!!


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Ohana is a favorite by most of my family and we do dinner there every trip. We had breakfast at Boma last trip and it was really good. The food was all excellent and there was tons of choices. There was some more unusual type items as well as lots of "normal" breakfast fare for pickier type eaters. I hear dinner is the same, choices wise, but we have not had a chance to visit for dinner yet. SInce I see kids in your photo I will suggest TRex at Disney Springs. The food is not anything you are going to talk about for years or anything, its much similar to an Applebees type restaurant. THere is a lot of choices on the menu so everyone should find something they like. The atmosphere is well liked by children, however, especially if they are into dinosuars. Its a fun, lively type place and also noisy so no matter how loud your kids are, the noise just sort of absorbs in. And, because of the children, I will suggest Chef Mickey's. The kids love the characters and its very family friendly with little dance sessions during your meal. Buffet meals are great for families with young children because they don't have to decide on one meal. They can get stuff, hate it, refuse to eat it, and still find something else they want to eat without it being a big deal. Plus as soon as you get seated you get to start eating, no sitting and waiting for food to arrive so that is a plus too.
thanks for the info! I have read the t-Rex can be scary for smaller children. My two year old loves dinos but would it be too much for him?


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So many good choices.
Turf Club at SSR - a hidden gem
GF Cafe - always a great meal and service
Kona Cafe - breakfast there every trip
Sanaa - don't want the word getting out, so we can easily get an ADR, so keep it to yourself.
Boma - wonderful buffet at anytime
Olivia's Cafe at OKW - great breakfast and lunch
O'hana - always an excellent choice


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You know me - I hate to be the grammar and spelling snob. But since several have posted it, it's important to note that the Polynesian restaurant everyone loves is 'Ohana, not O'hana, not Ohana's, not O'hana's. It's a Polynesian word that means "family", not an Irish pub.

<getting off of snobby soapbox now>


we were there in October and tried the Wave for the first time. It was terrific and highly recommend it.


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My favorites are:

Ohana (dinner) - Poly
Kona Cafe (breakfast) - Poly
Sanaa (dinner) - AKL Kidani
Homecoming (lunch/dinner) - Disney Springs
Raglan Road (dinner) - Disney Springs


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Sanaa at AKL for a more adventurous dinner.
Kona Cafe at the Poly for an asian fusion lunch.
Trail's End at Ft. Wilderness for freakin' mickey waffles, all-the-bacon and eggs for breakfast. Moonshine juice.....


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thanks for the info! I have read the t-Rex can be scary for smaller children. My two year old loves dinos but would it be too much for him?

So I found it not to be scary at all. None of my children were in the slightest bit even a bit frightened by anything at all there. My youngest there were a one year old and a recent turned 3 year old and they enjoyed it. Now, if your child gets frightened easy perhaps it would scare him. Its noisy but not hurt your ears loud at all. There are flashing lights and dinosaurs move and stuff. When we were there I didn't see a single child anywhere in my view get frightened at all.


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Whispering Canyon Cafe- Wilderness Lodge
1900 Park Fare(breakfast or dinner)-Grand Floridian
Chef Mickey's- Contemporary

* Our choices are based on entertainment value more than 5 star food quality.


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Our favs are:
Olivia's at OKW... an often overlooked sit down but has been very good every time (Breakfast and Dinner).
Boma- the best buffet(for Dinner) on property IMO, but pricey if kids are going to eat the mac n cheeses and chicken nuggets. Breastfast buffet here is nothing special, again IMO.
Raglan Road - I personally enjoyed this restaurant, but the family did not.
Kona Cafe- only been for breakfast and it was delicious.
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