favorite restaurants that have kids menus??


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we are going to WDW on 9/27 for 8 days for my daughter's 6th bday.

I am trying to make some last minute dining ressies and since my kids are majorly picky eaters I thought I'd benefit from asking you all where your favorite 'kid friendly' menus are.

thanks in advance!!!


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I have a very picky 10 yr old DD, who seems to live on chicken strips when we go to WDW.

She does not like to try new food, but we found that she loved the buffets, because she could find something simple that she liked, and try very small amounts of other things without feeling she had to eat the whole portion. (Hope that makes sense)

She really loved the breakfast buffet at Crystal Palace, where she ate chocolate chip Mickey pancakes! I didn't make a fuss, she's on holiday. I start pushing the fruit and veg again when we get home!


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It may sound strange for a family with picky eaters, but you may want to try BOMA at AKL. I myself am not an adventuresome eater, and we have a picky toddler, but we all loved the selection there! They do have chicken fingers, but also mac and cheese, a great peanutty-flavored rice dish, and countless other selections. And great desserts! Oh, and they gave us a special dessert when they found out it was our anniversary, so I'm sure they would do something for your daughter - the CM's there we FANTASTIC; our server even sat down and played with our son for a few minutes.

Also, to echo minnie2000, Crystal Palace was terrific for us as well. IF you/re near the Boardwalk, you can try Spoodles for really good flatbread pizza. They also have a takeout window if you're just looking for a quick lunch.

Hope you have a great trip!!!

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