Favorite place to grab a cold one?


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This is a subject near and dear to my heart.

If I still feel like moving, it is always a beer in the world showcase while enjoy the AC in the various shops. I used to love the cool serenity of the La Cava in Mexico, but it been discovered by the masses and will probably never be the same.

In the resorts, I find the Territory Bar in WL is usually pretty cool and peaceful. WL and AKL are incredibly well themed and really transport you to a different world, I am usually happy grabbing a beer from the shop or bar and hanging out in the lobby areas or walking the grounds. The Poly has a similar effect, although not quite as dramatic a lobby as WL/AKL IMO.
MK: Skipper Canteen (Kongaloosh Beer)
AK: Dawa Bar (I love hanging out there, drinking either a beer or one of their special drinks and listening to the African music whether piped in but especially when performers are just outside), Nomad Lounge (Again, Kongaloosh Beer)
EP: Rose and Crown
HS: Baseline Tap House

Yes, the Nomad Lounge at AK offers some great cocktails in addition to its awesome theming. All and all this listing is top notch. I enjoy all of these bars too.


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For some reason, this doesn't seem to be all that well known, but there is walk up seating available in the lounge area at California Grill. I've had pretty good luck with a table for 2 shortly after opening (I'm sure it is much harder to get later in the evening or near fireworks time). I often get a table by the window, where the view surpasses most of the ADR dining tables. You can easily have a nice drink and apps there and enjoy the view from in AC comfort.


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Took the Skyliner to the Caribbean Beach resort last year and had a few nice drinks at the Banana Cabana pool bar there. It's a nice spot.

Good point. Having the Skyliner makes for a great option to visit other resorts on the line. I'll be staying in Pop in October. One hop on Skyliner and I'm at CBR before I know it.


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You can easily have a nice drink and apps there [Cal. Grill] and enjoy the view from in AC comfort.

You can do a full meal there, or at the bar. I've enjoyed many a fine meal at the bar, without having to make reservations 6 months in advance!


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You can do a full meal there, or at the bar. I've enjoyed many a fine meal at the bar, without having to make reservations 6 months in advance!
I thought that was the case, but I kind of like doing a couple of small plates/sushi rolls/salads and maybe leaving room for a dessert, so I couldn't remember for sure. Although Disney is very accomodating to whatever you want to do for dining, I always feel a little better eating lite and splitting things in a lounge than at a main dining room table.


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My wife and I love to lounge-hop. No matter where we're staying, we still hit most if not all of these each trip...
Crew's cup
Ale & Compass lounge
Gyser Point
Outer Rim
Tambu Lounge
Hangar bar
Victoria Falls

Mizner's was on our rotation as well. Always stopped there during our monorails crawls. We miss you Mizner's...you were elegant and charming.


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Dawa Bar! I miss the old one tucked into the southwest corner of that outdoor seating area.
I love the environment of Dawa Bar and La Cava...the theming and settings are immersive/excellent and truly make you feel like you are in a different and special place. Unfortunately they have gone from bars where you have a relatively limited number of tables/bar seats being served by a couple of bartenders to essentially counter service locations. There are almost always long lines that detract from the service and vibe if you are lucky enough to get a seat at the bar. My best luck at Dawa is usually a bloody mary after hitting Padora or Kilimanjaro safaris at rope drop. La Cava always seems to be crowded. I don't know if the new Margarita place outside the Mexico pavilion has alleviated some of that or not.


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wherever we happen to be!

some favorites:
World showcase Epcot at sunset, casually strolling with a beer, or drink (when we could stroll with said drink)
Dahlia's Lounge ( a new one on last trip, nice place to catch a sunset...seems to be a pattern)
Geyser Point Bar & Grill - very awesome stop.
Baseline Tap house - never been the craft beer type, but the Porter there is pretty amazing!
Jock Lindsey's - My wife and her monkey head drink!
at our resort at night...AKL, out by the pool, just relaxing


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