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Favorite Meet and Greet Character


In all my years of going to WDW, I've never met Jiminy Cricket. I found out about him being at Rafiki's just as they pulled him out of there. Will I be able to find him this May? Is he still in any park?
We saw him at Rafiki's planet watch, it's one of my very favorite character pictures with my daughter.


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You can meet Sorcerror Mickey in the animation building at Hollywod studios daily.

Yeah, and best of all the line to meet him isn't very long on HS :D

I for one love looking at footage of Pinocchio on Youtube. He's just so cute! ^_^
Although I have this great memory of us at MNSSHP and my brother was a Ghostbuster. He got his picture with the Hatter and he made various Ghostbusters quotes the whole time he signed his autograph book and posed for pictures. And The Mad Hatter making Ghostbusters references is ALWAYS awesome!

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