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Favorite Load/Unload Area


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Here's an interesting twist on some of the recent threads.

Take everything into consideration with this one, folks. Consider the ride vehicles, the theming, the safety spiels, the surroundings, the music, etc.

I'm going to side with Splash Mountain on this one. There aren't any safety spiels, but I love the large open cave-like area.

RNRC is a close second, with the alley and the preview of the launch.


Hands down ToT! From the line to the pre-show, to the boiler room everything is perfect. The artifacts from TZ, and the cob webs and the cracks and the vines add so much. It's just mindboggling how perfect it is. Plus the ride's just amazing. You can ride it over and over and over again (107 for me) and never get bored!



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I'd have to say Space Mountain. I love all the props they use to show other planets, and the robots and stuff. Pretty cool!


AK-Even though it is not my favorite ride - I think Kali River Rapids line is pretty good. I just hate the fact that it is outside because it can get so hot.

MGM- TOT the best overall

Mk- POC - it really sets the mood

Epcot--not really a ride , but I love the pre-show to Honey I shrunk the Audience


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Tower of Terror's area is pretty cool I like the whole hotel aspect of it making you think it has been there for a while. It just amazes me how dusty the place looks.


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TOT is my favorite. When I go into the lobby, I just want to walk around and take my time exploring. Hasn't happened yet! I also don't want to leave the "TV" room. Too much detail to take in during the intro, I need more time.

I have to be careful in the GMR: I'll start quoting the lines from the movies and I know that annoys some people, so I just do it loud enough for my wife to hear. She just gives me the ol' :rolleyes: .

Lady Tinkerbell

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I know it doesn't exactly fit perfectly into what you're asking, but I think that my favorite place to wait in line is Food Rocks in Epcot. I love opening all the boxes and smelling all the different smells. I love hearing the music and seeing the pictures on the wall of characters inside the theater. It's got great atmosphere and the wait is never very long. Have a great day ya'll! :D


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I love ToT, its so great. It always creeps out newbies! Also i have struck up conversations with a lot of people in that line its great. Also you gota love TTA because it has no line, but it does have a moving ramp :sohappy: !

Brer Bear

I have to agree with Maria, I also like the Great Movie Ride. It does seem to get a bad rap on the board. RnC is also great, I love the idea of the loading area in the alley.

And Maria I don't think you have to worry about anyone getting physical wth you:eek: :eek:

Ahhh........you know what I mean right.:animwink: :animwink:


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ToT is great! I mean, you get the "feel" of the hotel before you enter, with the old music playing, the fog, then enter the hotel and it just LOOKS so old, you would swear it was real. And then the Twilight Zone segment, the lightning outside flashing with the lightning on the TV. It is ALMOST as much fun as the ride itself. ToT is the best!


If we are just talking about the load zone itself and not the queue I am attracted to the sleek and efficient omnimover rides of future world (past and present) They don't seem to be very themed other than geometric fiberglass panels, but I marvel at the quick loading mechanical efficiency of the moving walkway.

(Yes I may be a bit weird.)

But overall, how about Star Tours? The load area seems like a spaceport and the monitors show your ship being redied for takeoff. Finnally as you board the outside of the simulator is painted like the ship!

(I was really dissapointed in Body Wars and Sea World's arctic motion sim ride becasue the simulators were just black boxes even though your are supposed to be boarding a transport!


Yeah I love the moving ramps, theyre so much more efficient. And Star Tours has an awesome loading area.. The que is also fantastic. I love the little ewok village, and then C3PO and R2 conversing... sometimes I forget to move up when I'm listening to their antics and the next thing I know the person behind me is tapping me to move! When the ride's line makes u forget about the line it's phenominal.


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MGM- ToT definetely. I just love that old fashion, 1940's style, the music, the furniture, ok im going too far...

AK- probably Kali River Rapids, tho Ive only rode it twice.

Epcot- ok this is hard. I loved the old JII queue. Thats probably my fave.

MK- waaaay too hard. TTA or HM, no wait, PoC, no Peter Pan's Flight, no wait.... :lol: :rolleyes:


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Disney Does a great job with the loading/unloading areas. They are all awesome but if i had to pick one it would be Splash Mountain. I like the cave feel it has to it... than you look upand see the sky! It's nice:D

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