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Favorite kids activities


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Planning 5th cruise and our kids have always loved to just stay around pool. Besides detective agency, what activities, especially edge and oceaneers, have your kids liked? Ours will be 14 and 12


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Our kids (last sailing they were almost 13 and 10) love playing mini-golf. We had a good time doing one of the group "scavenger hunt" activities that was scheduled in the navigator. They of course love going to see movies in the theatre, especially ones that are playing late at night. Unfortunately, I have kids that did not like Edge (my youngest got permission to be in Edge and he seemed to want to go but wouldn't unless older brother went--he was the stick-in-the-mud and did not want to go, so the youngest wouldn't go without him). But their favorite activity has alway been to be in the pool as well.

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