Favorite Disney Channel Series


My favorite original series would be Even Steves.
But my favorite series on there right now would be Boy Meets World. I'm hooked and I think I've seen every episode.:hammer:


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Also not to forgets: Gummie Bears, MMC, Kids, Inc. hehe....

I watched all the new "Zoog" series when I had the disney channel in FL but I am Disney deprived in LA so I must do without *sniffles*. I wonder if I can bribe my roommates for next year to agree that we need the disney channel and toon disney...


Sorry I posted in the wrong thread. My favorite was definetly The New Mickey Mouse Club, MMC. But of course its not on the air anymore. It would be awesome if they brought that back in reruns r even an all new show. If it was reruns I think it would be really funny to see people like Britney, Ker Russell, J.C., Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gossling at such a young age.


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BUG JUICE! I love bug juice. It is so great! Lizzy McGuire and Even Stevens are a close second and third. I love the even stevens episode that BBMack was on.


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omg...im obsessed with bug juice and lizzie

when i was little i loved MMc Kids incorppeated and under the umbrealla tree!

do u guys rember talespin and goof troop and bonkers..they where on fridays after school..lol



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Don't Forget Dumbo Circus and Under the Umbrella Tree!! :lol: [/B]

Are you talking about the "Under the Umbrella Tree" that Had Holly, The Blue Jay, the Iguana and squirlle? If you are that is not a Disney Show, its a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corperation) Show and is made with money from the Government of Canada.:drevil:


OMG I LOVED UNDER THE UMBRELLA TREE!! I completely forgot about that show. But now I love Even stevens, Lizzie, and Boy meets world. And I cannot wait for Kim Possible!! MORE CHRISTIE MORE CHRISTIE!!!! lol Oh and Shia Lebeof (sp?) is soooo cool!! lol very talented kid.


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Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire (and there was someone who went to my school named Matt Mcguire! and my friends last name is mcguire! and there's a radio station dj person whos name is elizabeth mcguire, or so my mom says, lol), and Bug Juice...OH and Boy meets World


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Originally posted by OldKeyWest24
how could i forget that Alice In wonderland show. Its always on in those booths after u get off of Spaceship earth..that was a cool show
That reminds me of a funny story about the Alice and Wonderland exhibit at the Global Neighborhood after SE, come on over children and listen to Uncle Remus tell the tale (lol)
Well, I was in Epcot at the Global Neighborhood with my cousin, and we were in the Alice in Wonderland booth where you can talk into the TV (Tell N Vision, or something) and then my cousin and me started saying all these weird things to it (like "Jerky!") at the same time and then the Cheshire Cat came up on the screen and said, "Please only ONE answer at a time" It wasn't even that funny, but you laugh at stupid things when you are having fun at WDW! :D
Anyway... My favorite Disney TV Shows are probably Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Bug Juice, In a Heartbeat, and Boy Meets World. Proud Family is okay too.

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