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Favorite Counter Service in AK?


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Despite many trips to WDW over the years, I'm pretty unfamiliar with Animal Kingdom and almost never eat there.

I'm taking a one day break from a work conference in mid-January to visit Animal Kingdom with a colleague. I'm scouting out the best counter service and snack/drink options. This is my first trip to WDW without kids in a long time, so I'm looking for somewhere we can get some good, unique food and where we also won't mind sitting and relaxing for a while. I think we'll probably hit the Nomad Lounge at some point during the day, but my understanding was that you can't really get a full meal there. Where should we hit for a counter service meaI? I don't want to deal with ADRs. Thanks!


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Absolutely Flame Tree BBQ. Take your food down to the water's edge and enjoy a leisurely lunch looking across the bay at the people having fun on Expedition: Everest. I never miss it!


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We did not like the BBQ at flame tree, maybe because I like to add things like onions and pickles to my sandwiches and they did not have any toppings so it was a bit plain. We like Satu'li, the beef bowls are really good.


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Flame tree is decent BBQ. People love Satu'li, but I find the bowls a bit on the bland side (depends on your taste). Harambe market is a bit more exotic in flavors, and I really like it. I always like to recommend the Nomad lounge as a QS alternative. Not really much more expensive, and really good quality food in a nice setting.

Dave Ber

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I have to say Yak and Yeti is great as well, they have the BEST burger by far on all of property, and you can eat there for free or close to it if you join Laundry's Membership club, Yak and Yeti is part of their restaurant chain


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Seems my family fits right in with the popular opinion. I spoke up for Flame Tree earlier but failed to mention Yak and Yeti are the wife and daughters favorite QS.
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