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Fast pass window with multiple hotel bookings?


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I've searched, couldn't find an answer to our complicated situation.

So, my brother and I are staying together at Boardwalk for 1 week, with purchased points. He has decided to extend his trip while I cannot, so has separately booked Pop Century for one night before Boardwalk, and All Star Movies for 2 nights after Boardwalk.

So, my situation is easy, 60 days before Boardwalk my FP window opens.

But, what about my brother? Does he have 3 separate windows? Or one big long one?
IE, can he book FPs for all 10 days starting 60 days before Pop Century? Or does he book 1 day of FPs because of Pop, then the next day he can book 7 more days because of Boardwalk, etc?


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The following assumes that park admission was purchased separately (not a room/ticket package) for the Pop and/or All-Star stays.

His 60 day FP+ booking window will open at 7 am eastern 60 days prior to the POP stay and will extend until checkout of the All-Star stay.

He can include YOU and anyone else listed in his Family & Friends list (that have park admission) when he makes those FP+ bookings at 60 days prior to the POP stay.


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Yes, park tickets bought separately as far as I know. Will have to double check with him.

So he'll be able to book my FPs even though my window isn't open for another day? Sweet. I'll let him know.

Thanks for the reply.
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