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Tomorrow morning is my 60 days, and this is my first time booking Fast Passes in advance. I feel ok with my strategy overall, but I'm far from an expert on wait times and would love some feedback. My mom and I will be there for 7 days from December 11 - 17, doing two parks most days (with a nap in the middle!).

I think we will do 2 Fast Pass days at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, so we can hit out favorites there. We will have at least one Fast Pass day at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, as well as one last day I need to decide on. I am planning on going to MVMCP one night, so I figured that would be a good time to sneak in a few extra rides.

Ok, here is where I need help.

Animal Kingdom - assuming we are only there for one day, I'm leaning towards:
- Expedition Everest
- The third being either Kilimanjaro Safaris, Kali River Rapids (it will be December, so if it's cool I might want to avoid this), or Finding Nemo - the Musical.

I guess my question is, of the last three, which would you recommend needing a Fast Pass? And when is the best time to do the safari? I'd be willing to do the Safari early one morning before another park, if that's the best time to see animals. We are doing AK our first day there, and likely won't get there until close to noon.

If we do one Fast Pass day at Magic Kingdom, it will be:
- Space Mountain
- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (never been on it)
- Splash Mountain

What I need help with is best options if we decide a second MK Fast Pass day, what are the best options (I really don't know much about the wait times), or if we can squeeze most of these in during MVMCP and possible staying late an additional night for extended hours.
Some of my other favorites:
- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (top of the FP list, along with possibly another Space Mountain)
- Haunted Mansion
- Jungle Cruise
- Peter Pan's Flight
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor

Thanks for reading this novel! I'm in the middle of dissertation writing, and if I get it done on time it will make this trip SO MUCH more enjoyable! But that has left me little time for planning - I've allotted myself only the next 14 hours to get everything set before it's back to writing, writing, writing :) Thanks!


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crowds might limit my advice somewhat but here goes. fastpass peter pan and JC and possibly HM depending on how fast you walk. when you enter park go right to pirates than from there bounce over to thunder mountain and while your at it another run on splash. Than go over and do your peter pan (if you snagged an early one) or loop back to JC for that one. i find pirates,splash and thunder can all be walk ons at drop if you go right to them. again crowds during your visit may not make this possible. (you shouldn't need a FP for laugh floor unless crowds)


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It's been reported that Safari is awesome at dusk. (I intend to ride it at dusk for the first time on 10/30.) In December dusk should be around 5:30-6:00pm. My choice is FP+ for Safari. You don't need a FP+ for Nemo. Every seat is a good seat.

Regarding MK, BTMR will have just been through a refurb. I'd take that as a FP+. Peter Pan -- it depends. I think the queue is really cool, so you could try riding early in the morning or late in the evening if you want to see the queue. FP+ bypasses the queue altogether. If PPF is a must-do and there is no other option, then go with a FP+. Finally, if choosing between HM and Pirates for FP+, I'd choose Pirates. Even in standby, you move through the queue quicker in HM than on Pirates.
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