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Fantasy World


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Has anyone ever stayed at the Fantasy World Resort? I was all set to rent DVC points for AKL but am one of those people who has to weigh everything before I can pull the trigger. The Fantasy Resort is a lot less $$ (as are a lot of places) on Air BnB and I can think of a lot of things I could do with the extra $$ (La Nouba tickets, Disney art, etc). As my DH pointed out, yes we would be "on-property" but we rarely can drag ourselves out of bed to make EMH anymore; and how much are we spending time in our rooms--our kids are not at the age where they need to go back and take naps anymore (although I would LOVE one). SO....anyone who's stayed there and can share any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


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Sorry no. Have you checked rates at Emerald Isle or Windsor Hills?
Wyndam Bonnet Creek is FANTASTIC !!! I hope you love it as much as I did. We stayed there last August and it was everything I imagined AND MORE!! I'm sure you and your family will have a WONDERFUL time!!
I have stayed their the past 3 years. I love this place. Great pool it has a lazy river. Their is a total of 3 pools, mini-golf and tennis courts and just what I can think of right off hand. Rooms have 2 bed rooms, full kit,2 bathrooms, and washer/drier.
Fantasy World is great. Stayed there 3-4 times. My folks have a timeshare there. I think there's is in Wave 2 or whatever includes the waterpark.