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I just have to say, having returned from our first trip to the World with a rental car, that I will never again go without one! I thought that the buses were convenient in the past, but being able to come and go from the parks at the time of our choosing, without having to wait for buses at either end or having to stand on a moving bus with two little kids at the end of a long day, was such a pleasure. I am a convert. And best of all, we got an amazing rate of $139 for 6 days using a Costco discount code! Unbelievable! :sohappy:


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We always get a rental car, and I always recommend it to anyone going. Just the covenience of being able to come and go as you please, go off site if you want, run on your own schedule, etc. is worth the cost for me.

Of course, those on a budget and those who just hate having to drive, the Disney bus system (coupled with Magical Express from the airport) is certainly a viable option if you are just doing Disney, and don't mind the occasional waits. We usually end up taking a bus to the parks once or twice during the stay, just to change it up a little. is a huge help with getting a great discount on a rental car. That site has saved me well over $400 on the last several trips in rental car discounts. It takes time to visit the different websites and play with different discounts... but as they say, time is money. In this case, money in your pocket!


I thnk having your own transportation - your own car or a rental car - is essential at WDW, even if you have no designs on leaving WDW property. Disney Transportation is unreliable - it's your vacation, and especially with small children, you want to be on your schedule, not Disney's.

For those looking for great rates on rental cars, I cannot stress using Priceline enough. I have rented Economy class cars at MCO several times at $150 or so for a week. You will spend at least half that trying to get from the airport to your hotel, so why not rent a car anyhow?


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Great thread at a perfect time for me. I am going in 4 weeks and will have a vehicle for the first time ever and be staying on property. I was starting to second guess myself and even looked into cancelling the rent car. Just on the average what kind of time savings am I looking at driving from place to place?

Big Cheese

Eh, I like the buses. I just consider em another ride!

I don't get it. :shrug:
Wait 70 minutes for Soarin - no problem
Wait 10-20 minutes for a bus - this stinks, wth!
We love the freedom of the rental car. The food options alone could save you the price of the rental car. And if you stay off site and book your hotel and car together, you can often get the car for the same price as the room alone.


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Just on the average what kind of time savings am I looking at driving from place to place?

Generally, from resort to park entrance, you'll save anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes by driving yourself (based on traffic, how long til the next bus, etc.) for all the parks except MK. Since busses drop you off right at the MK gate versus at the TTC, you'll get there quicker by bus.

Also, if you want to go to DTD, one of the water parks, mini golf courses, or to another resort from your own, driving yourself will save a ton of time.

Generally, the time saved isn't huge. But couple the few minutes saved with the ability to come and go when you please, and where you please - for a lot of people, it's the better option.

Again, don't get me wrong. You don't HAVE to have a rental car in WDW. You'll manage just fine without one... they have a pretty efficient mass transportation system - which is free for guests to use. But if you're like me, its just easier for me to have my own vehicle for the reasons I mentioned above.

Either way, you're in the most magical place on earth.

And Big Cheese - I wouldn't wait 70 minutes for any ride, even Soarin. And I never have. But that's why I love FASTPASS. :animwink:


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Agreed. Used a car in 2007 because we had to (flew into Tampa, spent two days with the aunt and uncle, then 2 days at Canaveral before meeting up with the family at Disney for a week).

Pricelined and had a great experience with Alamo.

2009, used a special rate with Avis and actually used Magical Express to the resort and walked over to the Hilton to rent avoiding airport fees.

In January, will again rent a car. We have a 3 year old and it's just easier with a stroller and child items versus a bus. Used Priceline again and got a full-size car (have the grandparents with us) for $22/day. Alamo again. About $100 cheaper over 8 days than my corporate rate through Avis.

We stayed at Old Key West last year, so parking right out front made it even nicer. Plus, free parking at the parks with the resort tag.


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Great post, except for this part. I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on referring to WDW's transportation system as "efficient". Of course, I realize that with the complexities of WDW, and everything it has to offer, it would probably be very difficult to create a transportation system that at least some people wouldn't find inconvenient. So in that regard I suppose calling it "efficient" does have some merit. But I have always found it terribly inconvenient and very unreliable.

I understand where you are coming from. I qualified it by saying "pretty efficient" as I realize it has its limitations. The bus system at WDW has room for improvement, there is no doubt about it.

But overall, it's purpose is to move people from the resorts to the parks and back - and it does it fairly well. It's not so great for everything else; because it uses the hub and spoke style of design, it's very inefficient if you want to go from one spoke (a resort) to another spoke (a second resort, etc.)

And of course, it only runs during certain hours, and doesn't go off site. But that's to keep you on property and spending more money.

Because of all this, I'll rent a car every time I go. For me, it's a must.

I guess "pretty efficient" is a relative term. :p


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...To go where you please
In comfort and ease...

So true, so true!!!

In the morning when I want my fix of "good" coffee Ill go out, its great having the oppurtunity to do that. And since I golf its so much easier to drive to the courses on site, then take the vans, just one less thing to worry about, it might not be free like the ME, but I have plenty of time to mingle with the other guests when im going to the parks:lol:

plus there is only one stop. Your stop


plus there are somethings you can do in a rental on property that you just can't do in a bus like go to a hess, go from resort to resort, or go from downtown disney to a park.


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I drive down, which means I always have my truck with me. Sometimes I use Disney transportation, sometimes I use my truck. Both are good at times, both are bad at times, but it is nice to have options.

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And Big Cheese - I wouldn't wait 70 minutes for any ride, even Soarin. And I never have. But that's why I love FASTPASS. :animwink:

I was just thinking the same thing! We waited no more than 10 minutes for Soarin' both times we rode it last week - once by arriving at park opening and once by using FP.

Don't get me wrong, I never complained about the Disney buses in the past, and I was grateful to have them since I didn't have any other transportation. The only reason I had the rental car this time was because we flew to visit family in Boca first and then had to get to the Orlando area. The cost of keeping the car a few extra days was negligible, plus we wanted to do a day trip to Universal, so it made sense to keep it. I had no idea it would turn out to be so much more convenient on Disney property as well. I have seen the light! :lol:


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It's a wash for me.

Money is not a factor - so saving money by not renting does not play into the decision, neither does the idea of eating off property, and neither does the idea of buying food at Wal*Mart to eat in my room (Maybe, maybe in the DVC with a full kitchen - but just for the ease of breakfast)

Sometimes I rent, most of the time not. Sometimes I rent only for a day or two if I plan to go somewhere off property.

Busses don't bother me, my kids are 8 and 10 so I no longer have to carry them or use a stroller. Sometimes I have to wait for a bus, other times not. Sometimes I have to wait for a tram to the parking lot, walk half a mile down the row to my car. jockey for position with the 1,000 other people trying to leave the same row, and then drive back to my resort.



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We are renting a car for the first time ever on our next trip and although I know it will be more convenient I think a part of me will still miss the Disney buses. I am not sure why they just seem like part of the whole experience.


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We've always rented a car and appreciate the convenience, even though we're typically off property only one day (Orlando Premium Outlet Mall). I've checked the time differences in the Unofficial Guide to WDW, and as nepalostparks said, the rental is quicker for everything except the MK. It's handy for carry-on luggage on your last day, too.


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Is their a place at DW to rent a car on premises? We want to go to Universal Studios the next time were down there but only want to rent a car for a day.

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