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Face Character Auditions


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So I want to audition to be a face character for this upcoming year...
and I am a very experienced actress, broadway things, performer etc.
I believe I look a lot like Rapunzel....but
I'm VERY short. I know the height requirement is like, 5'3...but I'm 4'11.
It's been my dream to perform as a Disney princess and bring joy to the families like how it's brought my family joy....but I'm scared they're just going to overlook me because i'm short. I look like her, and I even act like her too. I honestly wouldn't care which princess they would make me....but I hope that they atleast give me the chance to be a part of the face characters. I need an opinion. Do you think that I could even have a shot at being a face character if i'm 4'11? Thanks :|


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I would still go and audition. :) It never hurts to try! Face characters have to do fur characters as well. You are at a great height for some popular fur characters. As far as face characters that are shorter, I would think that Tinkerbell and friends might be the closest I can think of.