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Extra Magic Hours are no more...


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instead as of October 1st 2017, they will be known as Extra Magic Time/Moments de Magie en Plus (EMT/MMP) and instead of Disneyland park being open for two hours from 8am to 10am as it has always been each morning, Disneyland park AND Walt Disney Studios park will now both be open one hour prior to park opening.

Open attractions are as follows:
-Mad Tea Party
-Peter Pan's Flight
-Princess Pavilion
-Meet Mickey Mouse (Newly added)
Walt Disney Studios
-Crush's Coaster
-Rock N Rollercoaster
-Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop (Newly added)

So, the usual two hours has now dropped to just one and Discoveryland attractions are no longer part of the offering, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain and Orbitron was previously part of EMH which is a shame but the Studios opens three attractions to take their place and the hour taken away from Disneyland is now at the Studios so balances out again. I'm okay with this I guess.

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Hmm, I'm not sure what I think of this.

On the one hand, the Disneyland offerings are now so slim as to be barely/not worth getting up for. On the other, it would be good to get on some of the WDS attractions early as those queues (at least Crush and Ratatouille) can be pretty huge. I wonder, though, whether that will be negated by the fact that the lack of offerings will funnel so many people into the studios that most of the advantage will be negated. Surely most people will want to head over there to get Ratatouille and Crush done first thing?

I was there in summer this year, and honestly EMH weren't great as there were so many people and so few attractions opened thus queues were still pretty long. I think we only got Peter Pan and Space Mountain done before the park opened to all guests, and one hour is really a very short window in which to get anything done. I suspect this EMT or whatever will really just mean the opportunity for an early ride on Crush's Coaster for those who choose to spend the $$$ on a DLP hotel.


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I don't hate the idea, but would prefer more attraction be open. Like ToT and the Spider-Man meet 'n greet at the Studios and more of Fantasyland at DL Park (Small World, Snow White, Pinocchio, etc).
That's what gets me about this idea: surely the few attractions they have opened will get a little overwhelmed? I guess labor costs are higher there than the US, but DLP always seems to be closing things early, opening them late, or providing limited options for things like dinning.

The Empress Lilly

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Thunder needs to be on the list.

Pan and the studio trio, mainly duo of Crush and Rat, are swarmed open to close, so the more hours the better. Even for me, who always stays in the city itself. More hours relieves some if the pressure.


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They could keep the name just as it is, but of course in true Disney fashion, they had to change it. At least they're not calling it Disney Kaliedescope Perk, or Extra Magic Hours - The Adventures Continue.

As for the change itself, I think it's a smart way to go about reducing the budget. Even though it's now only one hour a day, people get that hour on, say, both days they're there, so it's sort of the same amount of extra time per person. Only thing is, they'll be waiting in longer lines.


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They now have them listed on the site as from 8:30-9:30 AM with regular park opening at 10 AM. Going for the first time in 2 weeks so hoping to have more clarity before then.


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They now have them listed on the site as from 8:30-9:30 AM with regular park opening at 10 AM. Going for the first time in 2 weeks so hoping to have more clarity before then.
Knowing Disneyland Paris, they'll probably just close everything at 9.30 and leave everyone standing around for half an hour.


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We were there the week the new hours started. It was a bit underwhelming after really enjoying the old system where we would arrive at 8 to walk on to Space Mountain and Buzz several times then move through to the rides open in Fantasyland.

As you'd expect, most people headed straight for Peter Pan and the queue filled almost immediately. We were glad we got there early and were at the front of the crowd as the queue was at least 30 mins when we got off less than 10 mins after the park opened at 8:30, though the other attractions in Fantasyland were walk ons for the most part. Not sure about the princesses as we didn't head over there.
The studios was a bit more of a pain. We joined a reasonable enough queue at the studios at 8:10 but by opening at 8:30 it was massive and there seemed to be a lot of cutting in and very few staff around to do anything about it. We were among the first through and had a 10 minute wait at Crush but came off to a wait time of 45 mins and it just went up. The queue didn't build as quickly at Ratatouille but by the time we were off Crush it was at 30 minutes. Rock n Rollercoaster was a walk on, though. The flying carpets were open but unadvertised.
There just doesn't seem to be enough open to absorb the numbers.


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More rides added to EMH as of March 18:

We get back 3 Discoveyland rides, while other Fantasyland rides cover for the teacups while they close for refurb.
Wow that’s much better. Meet Mickey and Parachute drop has been removed also which is fine by me, parachute drop was always running anyway long before it was actually listed. Big Thunder Mountain was also always open around 9:30, half an hour earlier than it should so lots of attractions to pick from now. Go in the off season and you can pretty much complete both parks by 1pm.
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