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Experiences with the Holiday Inn Orlando - Disney Springs?


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Hello Everyone,
I will be in Florida for something in October, and I decided since I was there anyway I wanted to make a side trip to Disney. As I am travelling solo this time I could not justify the rates for a Disney Resort room, and decided to find something in the neighborhood. I found a decent rate on the Holiday Inn near Disney Springs and I am wondering what sort of experiences others have had with this particular hotel. I can still cancel without penalty so I appreciate the info.


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I just stayed there last week for a conference. It's a decent hotel if you're expectations are set correctly. It's not really themed or anything, it's just a large Holiday Inn. I found the staff to be friendly and the rooms to be clean. Food service is a bit disappointing, so I'd plan to eat outside of the hotel as much as possible. I also wouldn't rely on the park shuttles for transportation if you can avoid it.
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