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Expansion Coming?


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Wasn't blue man group killed more by the pandemic than not selling? It can't have been that expensive to run. Shouldn't Disney or universal be able to fill shows plenty well by offering package discounts that are still profitable? Additional things like shows are an oppertunity to extend stays too. I feel like Disney in particular has insane expectations of how much they need to make on anything.

It's sad to hear reports that they aren't offering last minute discounts on drawn to life. I'm sure Chapek approves.


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While a good thematic fit in some ways, I would prefer it be at one of the resorts or Disney Springs so it is more accessible and not controlled by park hours etc. Boardwalk has Atlantic Dance Hall just sitting there waiting for it... Just sayin'
Disney Springs is probably the best place so that non-guests can go also. If it was guest only the attendance could be low.

Have they fixed transportation to/from Boardwalk yet? Last time I went to ADH/JR it was a pain to get there via bus.


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I feel like a redone disney quest, but just make it a dave and busters with disney merch to win
They can't have redemption based games at Disney..Not sure how it works with Dinorama..

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