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Escape Wedding Lottery Help!!

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings, Honeymoons and Proposals' started by Alexandria DeLucy, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Alexandria DeLucy

    Alexandria DeLucy New Member

    Jul 7, 2016
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    I am a super planner, it's a blessing and a curse! I have a lot of concern/anxiety about the lottery system with the escape weddings. I am totally flexible on the venue and time but I am not very flexible on my day. I would like to get married on Oct 11 or 12th 2018. I know this is so far away but I am just finishing my Master's degree and my fiance will be finishing his law degree next year. So the timing is perfect otherwise. I was hoping people who have already done the planning could give me more information on the lottery system? Do you have any idea if I am flexible on the rest will I have a good chance on my days?

    Also we would like to do the Illuminations dessert event, is that easy to book for 20 people 8 months in advanced?

    I can only imagine my nerves getting closer if this is how I feel now haha! Any help or advice you have is greatly appreciated! I am excited to start this journey! :happy:

    Also can you wear your dress in the parks?
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  2. Luv4disney

    Luv4disney New Member

    Apr 6, 2016
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    My sister is having the illuminations private dessert party on her wedding night, we have Vikings landing
    For 20 people.
    Yes,she booked her dessert party at the time she booked her escape wedding 8 months prior to wedding.
    They got back to her on the venue areas they had available to pick from.
    Once you make your deposit for the wedding, they will contact u and email you your dessert party menus along with your wedding packets.
    You can then pick And choose your options.
    The process was actually quite easy to do by email and phone calls.
    I helped them plan there entire wedding
    My sister is able to wear her dress to the dessert party in Epcot because it is a private location and we are being escorted in from the beach club area. But you are not allowed to walk around the parks in your dress ,only to the venue
    You want to book your party as soon as you are able , the dates / locations go very fast. As for the lottery, we read the same but she had no issues with her date,

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