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Epcot ...

Sad to report, we just got back from WDW went to Epcot, it wasn’t a good experience ( absolutely no reflection on the customer service and understandably they’re doing the best the can) However, it was a lot of money and nothing felt magical. We’re been several times and the simple fact that it was so challenging to sit in a restaurant around the world, truly put a huge damper on the day. They had plenty of sitting outside and you did have the option to grab a bite in many locations, but it just didn’t do it. It was hot, especially with the mask. Having the option to sit indoors with A/C would have definitely helped. The last time I was there we went in and out of every country drinking and eaten. It was a lot of fun. This trip was definitely not worth the money. Epcot should have cut the price of the pass, until things get back to normal. I strongly recommend waiting or at least don’t visit this park.
In stating that, I was with my family so that part was worth it. We still had many laughs along the way.
but, we broke up with WDW...or ...we’re on a break for a bit..lol

La Hacienda was very good and our waiter was fabulous. We had a dinner reservation

Swan was lovely but the restaurants were very limited. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Boadwalk was very sad to witness , it was like a ghost town

For a positive note, Regal Eagle at Disney Springs was absolutely fantastic. Between the food and entertainment it was an A+ . It made up for the disappointment in Epcot.

Disney Springs is a great option

I completely understand the difficulty it is in making everything work as we navigate through this pandemic. But, I also think WDW should understand that paying full price to attend a park when they can’t give you 100% in return, seems a bit unfair. Unfortunately, I think Epcot could be more mindful of the ticket price and limitations .
Not sure how the other parks work. Although, I am very happy that it is open and people are back to work WDW .


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I'm sorry it was a less-than-magical experience. I've been thinking about that. We aren't allowed to travel to the US, but even if we were, I'm not sure I'd want to pay full price for half offerings. And not just at Disney, but everywhere. They've been showing this trial vacation thing on the news this week where people could go to Rhodos Greece, but they aren't allowed to leave the resort. And they have to pay for the vacation themselves....flights, food, hotel...what's the point of sitting in a hotel room in Greece as opposed to sitting in your own house? You can't go out to a restaurant. You can't visit any of the sites. But you have to pay for all this stuff yourself. How could it ever be worth that?


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Sorry for your experience but I totally agree. I work hard for my money and it makes no sense to pay full price for something and not get full services. I hear people saying but at least your in Disney but I just don’t get it. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering a 12oz steak but the waitress says we only have the 6oz but we will still charge you for the 12oz. As much as we love going we are waiting until they open completely or they significantly reduce prices to match what they are offering. Quite frankly I think they are hurting themselves in the long run because people are realizing that there is more to life and more vacation possibilities other than Disney.


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Ooop sorry....Thank you for pointing it out.

It was the “Raglan Road Irish Pub” at Disney Springs. The live music and dancing was phenomenal. We had a great time here
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OK. Got it. I posted back a few months ago about our experience at the Regal Eagle. My daughter and I both got violently ill. Of course the Mouse apologists attacked us saying that it was something else. We sat down for a meal at 8:40 when it was closing at 9:00 so I'm assuming we got something that was under the heat lamps for several hours. I assumed that because the food was dry and virtually tasteless. Partially our fault for late seating.

Dave B

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Anyone who goes now is making a choice to go, knowing that there are VERY limited options, I am sorry you didnt enjoy your trip, but you should have tempered your expectations, when you CHOOSE this experience and you knew the price going in

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