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Epcot sub forum????


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just curious, as I haven't been around all that long....

but with all that was announced at D23, and confirmed....will there now be a sub-forum for Epcot work?

so Move threads on GotG in UoE and Rat, and Coco rumor and spine and Epcot updates...oh and China film?

I also ask again, we have one thread in main rumor forum for closing GMR, and another thread, I believe in Studios redo that states name of new ride...shouldn't both be in same area? Or combined?

Last but not least....MK updates forum - Tron coaster, New theater and fate of Speedway?

Just askin


I typically create sub-forums when we have a large number of threads on a subject. Which usually occurs once construction begins and we have corresponding up dates and developments.

Currently any Epcot sub-board would have only 3 or 4 threads.

For GMR, one thread relates to the closing of GMR, the other relates to the new Mickey attraction.