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Epcot Moonlight Magic vs shutdown


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Today was the day to get in the virtual queue for Epcot Moonlight Magic tickets. It has been moved to April 16th.

"Registration for all Members has been moved to Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. Please check back then. Reservations are subject to availability."


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Not surprising. I know even some behind the scenes CMs are having some times off at this time. I'm sure a lot of CMs are helping with rescheduling at this time too. Too stressful of a time to do it IMO.


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Given the suggestions by CDC, which could be lifted, maybe not. It's too far away to know. Many think by Memorial Day (not the super negative people though).
And to think I was very excited I got a spot. Now everything is uncertain and things are changing by the hour, it seems.


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At this point, I'm just glad and thankful to be in good health, the rest has taken a back seat. As to our WDW plans for May, we're still hopeful and waiting for more news. 😌
We lost one trip this year. We'll move our next if needed but hoping we won't have to.

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