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When I was an AP holder and went to claim the freebies you got they would scan your band or ticket and if you already claimed it they would say no. So why can't they do this with popular special editions? They could also do this with alcohol sales in the parks, because its only a matter of time where a giant brawl will break out in EPCOT from all the groups who do the drinking around the world every weekend.

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I was there today (had made a reservation a while back). Interesting to read they had a ton last night. We didn't ask questions, but a cast member was standing next to a sign (in front of the building gates) that indicated no sales today. Honestly, I didn't pay attention to the extra words.


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Interesting because when I picked up mine around 845p last night there were still a TON available

To repost a comment of mine from a few weeks ago... take it as you will.
Some are apparently on Property... its just that its beyond the control of Kartika Rodriguez

They have more than that. We commented thst it was Rise of Figment, ad it looked like Figment versions of the clones from Rise of the Resistance, only there were more Figments than Clones.

Oh I am certain. My numbers we're meant to be vague.


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They could also do this with alcohol sales in the parks, because its only a matter of time where a giant brawl will break out in EPCOT from all the groups who do the drinking around the world every weekend.
Aside from someone needing to be cut off if they’re acting a drunken fool, I don’t think Disney has any interest in monitoring guests alcohol consumption.


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Anyone have any recent experiences from the festival? Broadway concerts they attended, Artists they met, etc?
I felt the concerts were far better this year. They preformed more songs (30+ min as opposed to 20 min in years past) the actors were much happier to be there (or you know just better actors😉) as they sung the songs with much more emotion.


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this was the first year my family attended the Festival of the Arts. I certainly enjoyed seeing a lot of the art work and I really enjoyed the sidewalk art.

My daughter really likes Broadway, so we made a point to attend one of the concerts. I let my wife pick a night and it worked out amazingly well. We saw Kerry Butler with Telly Leung. Personally, I love live music and really enjoying live performances.

Well, my wife made some off comment while we were waiting on the show (something along the lines of B level talent) which caused me to look into what Kerry has done -- well, my daughter's favorite musical is Beetlejuice, our daughter is going to NY to see Beetlejuice's Broadway return -- so I thought it neat that we would be there to see Kerry.

I understand these shows being kind of on the short side (I believe it was five songs) -- I thought the sound was wonderful and both singers performed Disney Broadway tunes well. Fun night for my family!


edit to add a sidewalk 3d art photo

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We had a great time at the art festival a few weeks ago! We saw Heidi Blickenstaff at the Broadway concert whom I have adored for YEARS! Also, I'm always on the lookout for Sleepy Hollow art (its my favorite) and there was only ONE artist selling it. Tim Rogerson. We snatched it up right away! We also got a fun picture of my son with the chalkart.


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