Epcot hours include dining?


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Have not been to the World since 2013 and we find ourselves travelling to Orlando in December and would like to spend a day at Epcot. My question is, since I know the park hours are shortened at least through October (no idea what december will bring) I was wondering of the 7PM closing included dining? Basically do the restaurants close also at 7PM or if we made a dining ressie for like 6:30 could we leisurely finish a meal without being pushed out the door?


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No you will not be rushed out of the restaurant. Not sure if any in Epcot are currently, but some restaurants are still seating up to an hour after parking closing.


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I prefer a later dining time when I'm at Disney because I like to get as much park time in as I can. I also like getting out of the restaurant and seeing a lot of the exiting crowds have moved out. In all the times weve dined late weve never been rushed or had a server get displeased because we lingered over desert. We have finished our meals at our pace but we are respectful that they want their night to end too. Disney wants you to have an enjoyable dining experience, one that you will look forward to repeating, so they dont do anything to make you feel rushed.

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EPCOT hours will be changing to 12pm-8pm as of November 27th I think
The hours are up through December 5th as of now.
Judging by the restaurant hours on the app it would appear last seating is when the park closes so on say November 23rd when EPCOT is open until 7pm last seating is at 7pm. You may find that there are no reservations for that time but that's probably because someone already snapped them up.


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When EPCOT was closing at 9 im August we had an 8:45ish reservation at Rose and Crown. We were one of two seated tables at the time. Definitely a unique experience.

So yes they'll seat close to park closing and you won't be rushed.


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Thanks everyone. Looks like dining website won't let me book anything beyond November. Our travel dates are from Dec 5-11 so when would you think those dates would open up?

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