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News EPCOT 2020 reopening reports


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I've gone the same amount and felt it was comparable to a weekday.

Since I am going off of the pictures and not there myself, I will take your word for it because you are there. To me, it looks much less crowded then the times that I go.


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Good to be back. Saturday crowds are manageable. However trash can top space to enjoy kiosk food and fun is still limited.


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The major downside for us in epcot today was the lack of QSR choices. Usual go-to spots like the Tangerine and via napoli pizza window were closed, as was the QSR in China and fish n chips in UK. I was quite peckish by day’s end. Festival kiosks are fine for a taste, but not when you’re hangry.


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I would love to have a table to myself and have them cook just for me. How fun would that be?! Will have to book for my Oct. trip.


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It’s a Thursday. Lovely day. Disney cannot control weather: hot and raining in the afternoon. No crowds. No waits for attractions. Moments waiting in kiosk lines. All booths open (Spain, Alps, and Caribbean). Ducks and egrets very happy to see guests, including parking under the tables begging like dogs, no kidding. Live music in the Festival Center, and a wonderful way to help relieve guests during a hot summer season. Locals following rules at six feet enjoying each other’s conversations. (Went to New Smyrna yesterday and was horrified, and apologize to those locals if they are offended).

The Central Florida Central Park was quite relaxing and a nice respite for the person stuck in a home office working virtually since March.

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